Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review: Bound By Pleasure By: Lacey Wolfe

Can Megan let her guard down enough to experience the pleasures Greg has to offer?

As an erotic romance author who has spent hours researching the BDSM lifestyle, Megan thinks she knows all about it. But when she decides to explore it firsthand, she quickly learns that there's a lot she doesn't know.

Greg isn't your typical Dom. He's an artist, and his life is anything but organized. He likes Megan from the start. She's honest and he sees something different in her. The more time he spends with her, the more he finds himself acting in ways he never has before. He's developing feelings for her, and he's hopeful Megan might be feeling the same way, but every time he tries to get her to open up to him, it seems that she takes a huge step back.

Megan has a hard time expressing herself, a problem that only intensified when her ex criticized her every time she tried to share her feelings. As a result, she learned to bite her tongue and keep her emotions hidden. So when she begins to fall in love with Greg, she isn't sure how to tell him, or even if she should tell him. But she fears if she doesn't open up to him soon, she may lose him. Can Megan find the courage she needs before it's too late?

My Review:
This was a totally amazing piece of work.  I love the softer aspects of the BDSM lifestyle, and Lacey has written a beautifully sweet little piece!!  Megan is an author (LOVED that part)  who is recently divorced from a Mr Self-Centered type of guy.  She's gun shy but wants to take control of her life.  Te best way to take control is by surrendering it to someone else, or so she hopes.  Her best friend is in the lifestyle and has found her a Dom that is willing to interview her.  But can she go through with it?  Writing about something, then actually living it is two different things!  But with her first glance at Greg, she is hooked and knows that this is something she is sooooo going to have to take a chance on.
Disappointment reined supreme in Greg's life.  He was unhappy and frustrated with his work and with the last few subs he had contracted.  He needed to take control again of his life and knew that he needed to start looking for another sub.  When Megan walks in for the interview, hes shocked.  She was exactly what he was looking for  and she basically fell into his lap.  How could he even pretend to not want to take her right then and there?
But both parties are unprepared when feelings start becoming involved.  Megan has problems verbalizing her feelings and Greg is afraid his confessions will push her away.  Can they meet in the middle?  This was an amazing short, because it really felt like you were reading a complete book.  It's not the word count that makes a book satisfying, but the writers ability to create an over-all effect.  Lacey managed that beautifully!!  This was an excellent read!!



Joanne said...

Congrats on the new release. This book sounds like a winner. Can't wait to read it.


Booklover Sue said...

This book looks so good!!

susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

Christine said...

Thanks for the awesome review! The book definitely sounds great and I'm looking forward to reading it.


Cassandra said...

Oooohhhh I want to read this so bad :)

Cassandra said...

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Unknown said...

Wow, This sound amazing. Would love to win it and do a review for you.

Congrats on your new release, hope it is a great success.


Unknown said...

I love everything that I have read from Lacey. I have no doubt this is great. Thanks for the review.

Congrats on your release!

bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

June M. said...

This does sound like a great relationship driven BDSM story. I do love the sexiness of BDSM stories but to me the emotions and feelings of the characters are what really makes a story great for me. And this one sounds like it is def a great one.

LorettaLynn//Temprance said...

Great review, thank you for sharing with us:)

Susan W. said...

This is difinitely going on my Books to Get list!

Linda said...

Great review, looking forward to reading this for myself, =)

best wishes, Linda

Unknown said...

I always love your reviews because my tastes seem to run very similar. Can't wait to read this book now. Thanks for the recommendation!

kesummer69 at gmail dot com

SdyLion said...

Great review and a very interesting read. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

angie lilly said...

This sounds great! I love soft BDSM with feelings and not just slave/master scenes. Sounds very 50 shades but with a twist!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the wonderful review!

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