Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spotlight on Release Day for : Primal Design by Danica Avet

Primal Design Blurb:
Fashion designer and bear shifter Kitty Chambers thought fifteen years was enough time to get over her first love Monk Badeaux, but when she sees the sexy cougar again, her mating instincts return and it’s all she can do to keep her paws off him. Despite her wariness, Monk unearths a part of her sexuality she’d never known existed, using it ruthlessly to win her back. Monk is hazardous to her well-being and her heart, but Kitty isn’t sure she stands a chance against all this heat.
If you love something, set it free. Monk Badeaux did that and suffered the consequences. When Kitty comes home, he falls head over heels in love with the independent, no-panty-wearing woman his childhood sweetheart has become. And she hates him. Luck is on his side when he discovers his mate has a streak of exhibitionism he’s more than happy to exploit if it’ll bring them closer. Alleys, school gyms, cars…nothing is sacred when a cougar is out to win his mate.

Stop by EC and grab your own copy!!!!

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Tina B said...

I have this series on my TBR. :)
Thanks for sharing.

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