Friday, September 7, 2012

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XXX is the oldest son of a long-established Konigsburg, Texas, family. The Avrogados have been farmers and vineyard owners in the Texas Hill Country for generations. His decision to join the Konigsburg Police Department rather than becoming a winemaker himself is a major sore point in the family, although his folks are grudgingly proud of him for sticking with his job.
As a cop, he has always been one of the department’s standouts. Starting with his first appearance in Wedding Bell Blues, he has been a go-to guy whenever a problem arises in town. In Brand New Me, he helps his best friend protect his bar and rescue his kidnapped girlfriend, and he’s the major support for the town’s chief of police, Erik Toleffson, in Long Time Gone. Erik recognizes his abilities, and in Don’t Forget Me, he promotes XXX to assistant chief. It’s a demanding job, and he’s a little nervous about how well he’ll do. On the other hand, his chief competition, Ham Linklatter, is Konigsburg’s very own village idiot, so he has the town’s backing.
XXX has always been a ladies man—not surprising given that he’s drop-dead gorgeous. He meets Kit Maldonado in Long Time Gone when she works at the winery as the manager of the tasting room. The two of them both recognized their relationship was more than just a summer fling, but when autumn came and Kit had to decide whether to return to San Antonio, the two had an epic fight. XXX made what he considers the supreme mistake of his life and cheated on Kit with one Lizzie Farraday. Kit left without speaking to him.
Kit has returned to Konigsburg and XXX realizes with a sinking heart that she’s still The One. He wants her, even though he knows losing her again will finish him. Still, he’s one dedicated cop—and right now all that dedication is centered on Kit. He’s determined to win her back, whatever it takes.
Who am I?

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Joanne said...

I'm usually no good at these, but I'm gonna guess anyway. Is it Nando Avrogado?


bas1chs said...

I think it's Erik Toleffson... And now I need to read this series! LOL
bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

i dont know the answer,,but thanks for the giveaway ^^

icha09 at gmail dot com

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