Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vote For Me!!

Close Encounters has been nominated for the Most Creative Blogger Category.  Thank you so much for all my regular viewers and subscribers who pushed my blog into the final rounds.  Even if I don't win, I love knowing that I was thought of enough to be suggested by others out there!!  Thank you!  So help me appreciate their hard work (lol...because I had no idea that I was entered into this until I received an email) by voting for me!!  Here is the Link:
Natasha's recommendation made the cut, but I had two other really great authors endorse me.  I wanted to thank them personally, and post it on here because they took the time to write about me.  Thank you so much Leanore and Tarah!!!  I have had the pleasure of working with these wickedly lovely authors for almost a year now :)  Here is what they had to say:
Leanore Elliot:
Dear Creative Bloggy Award Committee
I met Nikki when she did a review for one of my books for a review house. I wrote and thanked her. She asked why I wasn’t well known as she was in love with my books. I said I was out there just like thousands of others. She vowed to make Leanore a star and she had me on her blog every month for an entire year. Indeed, my sales came up in leaps and bounds and she has connected me with at least 40 (now loyal Leanore) fans that regularly keep in contact with me.
To say that I am grateful? Doesn’t cut it. She gave me a thing I’d never known before… FAN MAIL! She allowed my risqué posts and sexy pic’s of men, every time I sent them to her. Her blog is so colorful and entertaining, I always go over to see who she has on, even when I’m not on there, LOL.
 CEWTNK is a bookmarked favorite of mine and many bloggers that I personally know.
I will love her…LOVE her…always.
Leanore Elliott
Author of Erotic/Erotica Romance, 15 novels to date
Tarah Scott:
When I learned Close Encounters of the Night Kind had been nominated for The Bloggy Awards most creative award I wasn’t surprised. There are some blogs that have that indefinable flair that set it apart. CEWTNK is one of those blogs, and proof is in its popularity. At CEWTNK, interviews feature questions like Who is the character in this book that pulls your heartstrings the most? and Candlewax or clamps? ROFL. Really, how can you not love that? Reviews read…the best thing about Daisy is her loyalty to her family and friends. When I mean loyalty, I’m talking, she’ll go to the mattresses for those she loves and Oh, Ram. Can I admit to being more than a little in love with him? I mean, he has it all. Looks, talent, fame, fortune, and a wicked sense of humor… Oh and did I mention he’s a lion shifter? Yeah, the man can roar.
Well, that’s savoir faire.
A big thank you to both these lovely ladies for taking the time to write out such an awesome recommendation!  You won't read these when you hit the link, but Natasha's is equally amazing!!  And a big thank you to all my viewers.  If not for you, none of this would even be possible!!!  I am quite happy just to be thought of!!!!


miki said...

it's well deserved ^^

Unknown said...

I voted for you twice ;) good luck Nikki! you deserve it!


books4me said...

Congrats! You deserve it!!!

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