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Giveaway and Review: Liv's Journey By Patricia Green


Trey likes to spank and he makes that pretty clear early in their acquaintance by spanking Liv during a walk among the pecan trees. It turns out that Liv likes it, but he holds some back as a reward to be given at a more appropriate time.

Not long after they meet, Liv finds out that spanking isn't always fun—she gets mouthy and disrespectful in front of some of Trey's friends, and he takes her out to his truck to teach her some manners. Unfortunately, while he's spanking her, a paparazzo snaps a photo of her bare-bottomed and face turned toward the camera as she's being spanked.

Liv is mortified and sure that her career will be over if that photo gets published. Trey feels guilty for putting her in that position, not to mention that his commanding officer is displeased with his behavior. They simply must get the rights to the picture so that it can't be published.

My Review:
Welcome to the unique side of spanking!!  First off, hats off to Patricia for making our heroine a curvy plus model.  I love stories with women who aren't size 6's or 8's.  That alone was enough to hook me.  The story itself was unusual and creative.  You have two people with obvious issues struggling with their own insecurities and inner demons, then you add the threat of ruination into the fire as well and make one incredibly great short story!  The two of them have to pull together to save Liz's career and what better time than this to actually air out some dirty laundry?  I enjoyed this hot little number and look forward to reading all about the rest of the family.  This was an excellent opener to the series!!  Excellent read!!

 Patricia is graciously awarding three lucky commenters with gift cards to Blushing, and all you have to do to be entered is comment.   It will be one $30 and two $10 ones.  Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on the book.  It was quite original and enjoyable!!


Jenna said...

Another great review, Nikki! I've had the pleasure of reading Liv's Journey and couldn't agree with you more that it is unusual, creative, and HOT! Kudos to Patricia Green!

Rhonda D said...

I will definitely be checking this series out. I'm following the blog tour and getting very excited. I will be buying the book on Friday. Woo Hoo!

Patricia Green said...

Thank you, Jenna. Your praise lifts my day up even higher. :)

Rhonda--I'm delighted that the book appeals to you. I truly hope you enjoy it. Thank you for commenting. Good luck in the draw!

Booklover Sue said...

I love spanking stories and reading about the struggles a couple sometimes have to deal with to live the way they choose! This definitely sounds like my type of story!!

susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

Joanne said...

This series sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. I've been following the blog tour and having a lot of fun. Thanks for the giveaway.


Patricia Green said...

Susanmp--Thank you for your interest. If you like spanking stories, have I got some doozies for you. :)

Joanne--I appreciate your following along. Thanks for joining me here and there.

Kathryn R. Blake said...

I agree with everything you've said, Nikki. Liv's Journey is definitely a great start to a wonderfully sexy series. I've read it, too, and it only made me want MORE! Highly recommended.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Emily said...

I love spanking stories and I love Blushing publishers! Thanks for the giveaway!

Veronika said...

Sounds like a great booK! Liked the review!
verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

Linda said...

Love the review and this is def. going up on my TBR list, =)

Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Monday!


heather said...

Awesome, I always thought curvy girls should be in spanking stories. If the author does it just right it can make a very hott scene :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! I love that the main character is plus sized! Thank you for the giveaway.

Dovile said...

Sounds quite intriguing, especially because I can't imagine how will they get the photo back.

Thanks for the chance!

spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

Amber said...

I'm enticed. This book is going on my TBR.

rubyswan said...


catslady said...

Loved the interview!!! This is a new author for me but I would love to read this!


mcv said...

Good review and the book has an interesting storyline. I'd like to read it.
mcv111 at hotmal dot com

Unknown said...

Sounds like a good read for me! This is a new to me author that I would love to read. Thanks for the review.
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

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