Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Primal Design By: Danica Avet

Fashion designer and bear shifter Kitty Chambers thought fifteen years was enough time to get over her first love, Monk Badeaux, but when she sees the sexy cougar again, her mating instincts return and it’s all she can do to keep her paws off him. Despite her wariness, Monk unearths a part of her sexuality she’d never known existed, using it ruthlessly to win her back. Monk is hazardous to her well-being and her heart, but Kitty isn’t sure she stands a chance against all this heat.

If you love something, set it free. Monk Badeaux did that and suffered the consequences. When Kitty comes home, he falls head over heels in love with the independent, no-panty-wearing woman his childhood sweetheart has become. And she hates him. Luck is on his side when he discovers his mate has a streak of exhibitionism he’s more than happy to exploit if it’ll bring them closer. Alleys, school gyms, cars…no location is sacred when a cougar is out to win his mate.
My Review:
I loved Primal Song and was stoked about reading the rest of the series.  I was however, a little hesitant after knowing a bit of Kitty and Monk's past.  There was a lot of pain and unresolved issues floating in there, but I know better than to doubt Danica's ability to write a good book :)  I actually think I enjoyed this more than Primal Song!!
It starts out by Kitty coming home to design the dresses for Daisy's wedding.  Kitty and Monk dated all through high-school and Monk broke Kitty's heart into a thousand pieces.  After high school there was nothing left for her in that town so she decided to pursue her design career, one that at a certain point was second to Monk.  She didn't become a success overnight but she was making a name for herself and slowly climbing up that mountain!!  She had a plan in the back of her mind to avoid Monk at all costs.  She didn't need to see him and be reminded of all the heartache and pain.  But one step into the old high school gym and it all came flooding back.  And guess who just happen to be one of the speakers at the event?  Oh yeah.....her worst nightmare.
Monk had gone over and over the things that he wanted to say to Kitty.  He had replayed the scenario a 100 times inside his head and planned out every avenue of one.  He never expected the breath to literally disappear from his body at the first site of her.  When he saw her seated on the bleachers, his speech went right out of his head and he actually had to be nudged into remembering he WAS speaking!!  The things that little Kitty-Cat could do to him.  But he had some mess to clean up between them, and he swore she would know everything before he lost track of her again.  If only she could forgive him.
This was a really hot little read!  I love exhibitionist scenes and this book was chalked full of them!! Monk steadily works on her and brings back all the emotions that Kitty had tried so hard to bury.  Can they start over again and wipe the slate clean?  I'm not going to spoil it by giving anything away, except for the fact I loved it!!!!  Excellent funny and steamy read!!!!



Tina B said...

I am currently reading this one and wondering how Monk is going to redeem himself with Kitty. :)

Sabrina York said...

Lovelovelove Danica Avet

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