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Velvet Nights Halloween Party!!!!

It’s here!!  My favorite holiday and what better way to celebrate than with a party? Welcome to the very First Velvet Nights Halloween Party in my Dungeon!! The cool thing is that I don’t need to decorate.  All the scary equipment and spiders are already  I did manage to smuggle in some pumpkins…but Aria got offended about the spider carving I did…go figure.  To help me celebrate down here I invited two of my favorite regulars who are really talented (and very hot ) erotic authors Leanore Elliot and Xavier Axelson!! They are going to be sharing snippets of  their newest Velvet Naughties.  I myself can’t wait to dive into them!!  Both look absolutely yummy.  So what’s a party without a little music?  What kind of music gets you into the mood for writing your type of hotness?  
Leanore: Firework - Katy Perry,
Pokerface-Lady Gaga
Need you tonight INXS
Love said no H.I.M.
Blinding-Florence & The Machine

Mother by Danzig
Damn I wish I was your lover by Sophie B Hawkins
Father Lucifer by Tori Amos
More Human than Human Rob Zombie
Honey by Hole

What can I get you to drink?
Leanore:  A Hat trick—neat!
Xavier:  Wild Turkey on the rocks.
So tell me, what (or who) was the inspiration for your book?
Leanore:  Shhh. A girl I once knew…Partly me…
Xavier:  Velvet was inspired by a shoe I saw on the last page of Vogue.
Give us the behind the scenes inside of your book and a smoking hot excerpt.
Leanore:   Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart
or burn down your house, you can never tell.
He chuckled and tugged her panties away.
Trying to seem composed Bren knew her juices were evident all over those cotton underwear and she didn’t want him to know she was that hot for him.
Studying her face, he then swung his gaze down to her panties he held in his fist. He raised them up and saw the telltale moisture.
Bren was mortified as she sat shivering on the table.
Trevor looked up and saw her expression. “You’re not alone.” He dropped the panties and unbuttoned his fly.
Bren gulped heavily as she watched.
Unzipping, the large bulge in his briefs was evident. Pulling his cock free of the material, it sprung up rigid and erect.
She let out a little squeak at just the size and beauty of him. “Oh!” she gasped out.
He looked startled, then he threw his head back and laughed.
Awed, she bit at her lip and stared down at his awesome package.
“Look closer.” Trevor was still chuckling as he spoke.
Hesitant, she gulped again, if I get any closer I may explode! But she couldn’t help it, she lowered her gaze.
A little bit of precum was oozing from the tip of his wonderfully erect dick.
“Oh…” she sighed and her gaze shot up to his face.
“Yep, it works both ways, beautiful.”
Beautiful? Bren sucked in a stunned breath.
Her expression must have showed pure astonishment as Trevor grabbed her face with both hands. “That’s right, you’re fucking gorgeous, and you turn me on like no other woman I’ve seen!”
“I wanted to bring you here and strip you down. Then, I was going get very fancy and eat fried chicken from your sweet luscious body, but I want you so much? I can’t wait.” He wrapped his arms around her and plunged his hard cock into her very wet pussy.
“Oh!” she shouted with the glorious intrusion.
He plunged deeper and pounded into her. “Does this hurt?”
Bren was panting and writhing beneath him, she could feel that glorious cock of his caressing her insides like a hard smooth tool of pleasure. She was so wet she could hear his pumping into her. “Oh, God Trevor, yes, hurt me some more!”
He plunged into her faster and faster. “Good, because it’s killing me!”
 Her body coiled with a supreme ecstasy and she trembled like a leaf in the wind.”Oh, ahh.” She was having the biggest orgasm of her life and it did happen as sudden as she’d thought. “Oh, I’ve never—had, I—” she gasped and her body arched. This was an incredible thing for Bren, she’d never felt anything like it
Trevor’s body grew rigid as well. “Mmm, my sweet Plush, we’re coming together so well!”
She was gasping for air. “Yes, y-yes—we are!”
Xavier: Velvet is ultimately about love and the ability to find freedom in love.  It is also about loyalty, brotherhood and the importance of being true to yourself. 
Beyond her I saw my brother sitting cross-legged, his fox playing in his lap. He seemed peaceful. “I keep staring into the sea hoping it will take the past from me, but it seems I may never know peace.”
“In time, you shall. Nothing is forever, except the sea.” Adis cast her eyes from my face to the expanse of water surrounding us. “She is our eternal mother and will listen to you forever.”
Behind Adis’s rather mystical analogy, I had a sobering thought. “There is so much uncertainty in the world. I wonder if I have done right. Perhaps I could have done better.”
“You left a land soon to be riddled with illness. This alone made it the wisest decision for you all.”
Her knowing so much of my life discomforted me. “Must everything be told in portents and omens? What of reality? What of truth?”
“Ahh truth. It is a funny thing and varied as the sunlight on the waves. I am a merchant’s wife and have seen much in this world. Men who love men, women who love women, even a man who loved a woman he believed to have been transformed into a goat by the tree witches in the north! The world is wide and there are many lands with many kinds of people. You will see soon enough.”
“I have not heard talk of the tree witches since I played at my mother’s feet. Surely they no longer exist!” I replied, incredulously.
“I cannot say. Who can say if they exist or ever really did?” Adis said.
I sighed resignedly. “I have lived a small life in the court of a small king, and I carry the wounds of that life as sure as I carry the clothes on my back.”
“It is not for me to say what you carry with you, but I can give you a piece of advice not from my daughter, but from my own lips: Stop trying to escape what haunts you, instead think long and hard about it. Every detail, every nightmare, dream and transgression. Leave nothing out. Do this until you have expelled the poison, and when there is no more, you will find yourself exactly where you are supposed to be.”
With these words, Adis left me. I stood alone, listening to the sea, the sound of Seton’s music, the distant cries of the squabbling gulls, and my eyes focused on the unknown horizon.
What led me to find myself on the water, destination unknown? The life I knew was gone, broken, and mercurial as the swirling foam frothing in the ships crushing wake.
I would tell myself the story, if only to steal a glimpse at the unknown ending.
How would my tale end? Beginnings are for children; fairy stories begin with “Once upon a time.”
Once upon a time there was a tailor. He knew string, scissor, and pin. He did not know his heart.
My breath caught.
Oh, my heart. Once upon a time, there was a heart and it was not free…
I was a tailor.
No, it cannot begin this way.
My heart knew dangerous things, but now it was free and in it’s new freedom I allowed it to teach me the way my story should begin and knew by wild instinct, if I followed it, I would know the ending, a true, and dare I hope, happy ending.
With no one to listen but the dark sea and the wheeling, crying gulls, I closed my eyes and let my thoughts move with the undulating water, its gentle rocking seeming to urge the release of my torment.
The castle, dark and glorious, loomed up in my memory…
Are these going to be in a series or standing alone?
Leanore:  There will be Three in the Velvet series: Double Plush—Hot Blue— Crushed
Xavier:  Velvet is a stand-alone, although the story could continue.
Share with us one of your favorite Halloween memories.
Leanore:   I got re married to my husband, I wore a red velvet/lace spider web gown and carried large red sunflowers. Then we were married the Wiccan way just after a traditional ceremony. We honeymooned in a very old haunted hotel.
Xavier:  My favorite Halloween memories were from High School and usually involved my friends and I hiding in the bushes in front of house then jumping out and scaring the kids. 
What was your best Halloween costume?
Leanore: The red spider web wedding gown.
Xavier:  I think my best Halloween costume was when I dressed as “Revenge” inspired by the movie Titus by Julie Taymor.
Did any of that naughty inspiration come from a Halloween experience?
Leanore:   Oh yes, forty eight hours worth of honeymooning!
Xavier: I love Halloween and frightening things, and most of what I write reflects some dark aspects of October and it s celebration of things that go bump in the night, so yes I would say I have been inspired by a blend of Halloween experiences.
What is in the future works for you?
Leanore: The third book in the Award Winning Nowhere, Arizona series.
Xavier:  I have the first book of a trilogy out for publication.  In January my short story, “Sons of Orion” will be part of the Tricks of the Trade Anthology with Bold Strokes and my column over at is still keeping me pretty busy.
Have you ever personally used any of these?  *points to the numerous whips and paddles lined up on the wall*  
Leanore:  Handcuffs? Lol and maybe the paddle, hee-he.
Xavier:  I plead the 5th. 
I have a special treat in store for tonight!!  If you haven’t had the pleasure of using them, you will tonight.  I had Damien go down to level 12 to bring up 2 of our shape-shifting demons.  They can morph into anyone out of your wildest fantasies.  And they are all yours for the night *wink*  So, as we get this party rolling in here, we will be on hand to answer all your naughty little questions……..hopefully!!!! Yes I think they can still type one-handed….hmmm…..maybe I should enable the voice command…..We SHOULD be able to answer…after another drink of course!  Happy Halloween Everyone and we hope you all have a Velvet Night.
No that the party has started, lets take a look at the books:
“Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere….”

Meet Bren Plush, shy, a bit heavy and tired of her dreary life— When an irresistibly hot cowboy starts coming into the diner where she works, her world started to shift. How could she get his attention? Follow Bren through her obstacle-filled journey to win the man of her dreams and jump-start her life
 Amazon Buy Link:  Double Plush Velvet

The first novel from Xavier Axelson is set against a backdrop of decadence, privilege, and intrigue. Virago, the royal tailor, makes a discovery that will test the bonds of brotherhood, unravel the forbidden secrets of his heart and threaten the very fabric of his existence.

In a land where cruelty is disguised as allegiance, loyalty is masked by obligation and the laws of sumptuary govern the people, nothing is more dangerous than Velvet
Amazon Buy Link:  Velvet
  SOOOOOOOO, Would you like to win a copy of these great books?  Of course you would!!  And as your host, I will throw in a Naughty Trick or Treat Bag!!!  It will have 2 print books, a paddle(because you'll never know when you might need it!!!), and some Halloween candy!!! 
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Anonymous said...

Leanore's wedding & honeymoon sounds very cool.

Ashley E said...

Question for the authors! What is your writing process like? (I love behind the scenes stuff. ;) )

Ashley E

Joanne said...

Have you ever wanted to co-author a book and if yes, with who?
These books sound fantastic. I put them on the wishlist.


JeanMP said...

What a cool sounding wedding and honeymoon.
These books sound great. Have them marked down for my to buy list.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

books4me said...

Leanore, you have written so many good, HAWT books! How do you keep each book new and fresh with sex scenes?

Chrisbails said...

Great post. Loved the Q & A session.
My question is for Leanore, was it a large wedding with lots of friends and family? Did you have everyone dress in costume?
Thanks for the giveaway.
christinebails at yahoo dot com

Wicked Leanore said...

emmameade: It was very cool the dress had red lace arms with the webbibg, my bridesmaids wore Rembrandt style dresses. We had a Halloween reception, where my husband and I made all the dishes.(He was a 4 star chef at the time) We had it with 15 guests by candlelight.
Ashley E: My process is strange but not that exciting, I just begin with a vague idea and my muse takes over. later, I edit and format it (I'm a professional Editor in the book biz as well)

Unknown said...

Question: If you could only take 3 things with you on vacation what would they be?

Unknown said...

Question: If you could only take 3 things with you on vacation what would they be?

Wicked Leanore said...

Joanne: Yes, I am secretly working on a book with another author right now, lol. Her and I have done a few projects together, where she wrote the books and I did the covers. They were such a hit? She asked me to co-author a book. It will be a hot BBW book.
Hello Books4me!! I find that the chemistry of the characters perpetuate the good sex, lol. So, I suppose that is the formula. To me? Every book I do?I get to experience new love all over again. Hence, the sex is always new?
Chris Bails, yes everyone dressed in costumes but it was a smaller private affair. The trick or treat was my honeymoon, lol.

Unknown said...

Both books sound interesting. What inspires you when you start a new book? Do the characters start the story or the storyline or something else?


Jamallah Bergman said...

Good Lord in the Morning....Jesus Maryanne and Ginger.....yeah I think I got all of that out of my system for now,lol. Now I love both books...both are HOT especially Double Plush!

WOW once've done it!

pmyodb1 at yahoo dot com :D

Xavier Axelson said...

Hi everybody! Sorry for the late check-in my shower broke and I've been in Mr. Fix It Mode all day.

Ashley E--My writing process is pretty simple, an idea comes to me and I go with wherever the story and characters take me. Velvet started with an a picture of a shoe in the back of a magazine.

Joanne--Actually I have thought of co-authoring but my schedule is such I think I would be a horrendously annoying coauthor.

Kristina-- if I could take three things on vacation with me they would be a book, bourbon and beach chair.

Starla--It depends with Velvet the idea came first, followed by the story and then the characters but sometimes the characters come way before anything else. Inspiration can strike me anywhere, anytime, I find the more I get out into nature and participate in things I enjoy, inspiration usually follows.

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

Oh Lenore! Love the excerpt!
And you blessed me with a pre copy of Double Plush that I absolutely adore!
so if I win please give Double Plush to another winner reader.
Lenore...does your dear sweet hubby read your books. and how does he appreciate them?? ***BEG***
Xavier, I haven't had the pleasure to read your books yet, but they are on my gotta have list that's for sure...*S* I still want to read your Lily as anything wolf is my most favorite of paranormal romance.
Wishing you both the best!



Sheri Fredricks said...

Fanning myself from the HEAT in here! Love the excerpts - wow! I've learned a little more about you both :) Leanore - looking forward to reading this book, and all your books yet to be!

Wicked Leanore said...

I was waiting for Xavier to get an answer in edgewise! I had hogged the comment section up! LOL Waving at the obviously talented Co-Guest.
Starla Young..."Do the characters start the story or the storyline or something else?"
I get a title first..then I start to spin the tale...That's it, lol. My muse Leanore does the spinning really.
Jamallah B: Actually Double isn't the hottest I've done, but the cute, ballsy story more than makes up for the lack of too many sex scenes!
Pommawolf!!! You always come and make me feel so dang good! I am so glad Nikki made it possible for us to meet here at CEWTNK!
Sheri F: thanks for coming to support and getting a peek.
WHAT A BLAST THIS WAS! (Wicked chuckle)

Wicked Leanore said...

OH...Darcy...nope, he does not read them. I'm not sure if I really want him too? He has had lot of influence to the insides of them however. LOLOL

Brenda said...

Happy Halloween!
Thank you for the excellent excerpts.
What an awesome party!

Psyche said...

I'm really curious on how the wedding gown looks like, I think it looks cool. Can you share a picture of it. Thanks.

Beckey said...

Happy Halloween, Thank you Nikki for the invite from GR :)

Thanks for sharing the excerpts :)
They sound interesting

Unknown said...

Thanks for the awesome interview. If you could cast your book for a movie, who would you use?

bournmleissa at hotmail dot com

Sherry said...

Do you pick out your covers?
sstrode at scrtc dot com

Xavier Axelson said...

I hope everyone had a magnificently creepy and ghoulish Halloween!

Hi Leanore! Glad to have a comrade in this sexy velvet madness. :)

Sherry--I'm actually really picky about my covers and am lucky enough to be involved with publishers who take my suggestions into consideration.

Mel--Hmmm...If I were to cast Velvet where there are so many male leads, I think I would want an unknown to play Seton and Virago. The king should be Jake Gyllenhaal for sure.

Anonymous said...

Do you listen to sexy music while writing your books? *.*

Anonymous said...

Do you listen to sexy music while writing your books? *.*

Anonymous said...

Do you listen to sexy music while writing your books? *.*

Shadow said...

Hi! Great post!! Whats your writing habit liked?

SdyLion said...

What inspired you to come up with the names for your lead characters? sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

mariehahn13 said...

Where is your favorite place to curl up with a good book? :)

Thanks or sharing, and for such a wonderful giveaway!

songbird1613 at yahoo dot com

Wicked Leanore said...

MALY: I have a picture just not on a digital format? LOL
Mel! hello, there. I never can do this... picture actors for my characters. I just see them as themselves, dumb answer but it's the one I have, lol.
Jerry: I do all my own covets, with the exception of 5 books I have with publishers.
GIVEAWAY NEWS: I don't usually listen to music while writing a story, but I do while editing and formatting
Shadow: I don't have a true writing habit with the exception of stealing all the minutes I can to write!
SdyLion: The names just come to me?
This Halloween Velvet Night was the best!!!

wanda f said...

Do you have any rituals you do to get in the mood to write candles, music, coffee, tea,comfy clothing ?Thank s for sharing with us today.Have an amazing week

lisagkendall said...

I'd like to know if either of you keep a list of "names" to be used for your characters? Thank you. lisagk(at)yahoo

Mary Preston said...

Very hot excerpts indeed!!

Do you blush when you write some of your scenes or are you more detached?


Xavier Axelson said...

Mary Preston--I don't blush but I do find blushing extremely sexy. I love when a guy blushes.

Lisa, SDYLion--No, I don't keep a list of names, I find the character names come to me as I write, although I am not beyond doing some research into names if I am looking for something specific. The names "Duir" and "Tienne" actually came from a story I wrote back in High School, they are both plant/magical herb names that I've always liked.

Wanda--I don't have any rituals, I 'm the type of write who has to have a tight writing schedule and stick to it. I do tend to drink alot of tea while I write. Chai with honey and almond milk or Earl Grey. I also am a better morning writer.

Marie---My favorite place to read is in bed. It's a bad habit, as I've been known to spend an entire day in bed reading.

Fictional Candy said...

I don't have a question (its late and my brain stopped functioning about 30 mins ago) but I wanted to say both of these books sound terrific! Great post, everyone!!

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