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Beasts: A Different Life By: Leanore Elliot

I remember when I first started blogging I had a tremendous amount of fear and worry.  What if no one reads it?  What if I really wasn't cut out for this?  What if all the authors ignore me because I am just a drop in the bucket?  What if no one wanted a spot on my blog?  What in the world am I going to post about today?  LOL.. It seems almost like another lifetime ago but there is a point to  this reminiscing.  The second book I ever read from an unknown author specifically for a review for this blog was none other than Leanore Elliot's Beasts 1 :)  Yep, that is how I met Leanore.  She emailed me to thank me for the great review and from there blossomed a great friendship.  She always teases me about making her a star, but in truth it is because of authors like Leanore Elliot that my blog is thriving.  In those early days when I had like 22 or 23 followers, most of which were personal family and friends, someone took the time to make an unknown author of a little black and white blog feel appreciated! She helped give me that little push and answered all of my questions and relieved my doubts about whether or not I was going to be a good blogger.  Thank you Leanore!  You truly are a great friend and this post, along with many more to come, is dedicated to you!!!   So this is a special treat for my subscribers.  Leanore has recently done some cover-revisions, so I decided to fluff up her review post and add in the new cover.  So here it is guys, the second review I wrote along with the new cover!!  Enjoy!

Alex Rayne knows who she is, but she wonders about her family. Where did she come from and why did she feel like something was missing from her life?

Damon chuckled." How about Truth or Dare for a getting to know one another method?"

She pulled her head back." What?"
"I ask you a question and you answer with either truth or a dare."
"That’s ridiculous." She rolled her eyes.
He sighed heavily. "Well, then kissing it is." He lowered his lips again.
She stilled. "Okay!"
"Now let me see?" He turned his eyes up as though he were concentrating.
Alex released a disgusted sigh and squirmed, attempting to loosen his hold.
He glanced down with mock aggravation. "Will you just behave for a second?"
Her eyes rounded up at him. "Me?" She made a disgusted sound. "You are the one sitting on me naked!"
He chuckled. "And you are the one that busted into my shower while I was naked."
She sighed heavily again and turned her face away in disgust.
"Okay, just tell me…"
She turned her gaze back to him.
"Tell me, that you were not coming on to me before."
She gave out a disgusted laugh."Mmph!"
He tilted his head. "So... no truth?"
Alex glared at him and remained mute, a child-like pout on her lips.

He swiftly let go of one hand and ripped her lace bra from her skin.
She gasped with shock.
Damon had hands back onto hers before she even blinked. "Dare it is!" he announced.
She panted with a little fear and felt her nipples harden in the cool air.
"Now… "He lowered his lips close to hers, "Your turn."
She wrinkled her brows up. "I don't want to play!"
"So, you forfeit your turn?" He drew a brow up and lifted a little to gaze down with emphasis at her lace panties.
She angrily narrowed her eyes and released a huge breath. "Okay, all right!"
He chuckled with amusement. This was just way too much fun! His wicked thoughts ran wild while he gazed down at her rosy nipples. His mouth almost felt like it was going to water.
"Unh-- mmm!" She cleared her throat.
His eyes rose to her face. "Oh sorry, I was cheating," he teased.
Alex kicked her feet with frustration.
"Okay, okay... ask!" He chuckled again at her frustrated expression.
She sighed. "Were you following me to take my medallion?"
He stared at her.
"He doesn’t even like his own stupid game." She rolled her eyes.
"No, no. I never said that." He lowered his lips to hers. "I will choose…." He lowered his face all the way down. "Dare!" His mouth latched onto her nipple.
"Oohh!" she gasped and her body jerked.
He suckled it and licked around it as though he were enjoying a delicacy of flavor.

"Oh, stop!" she whispered her body quivering.
He ignored her while enjoying the taste and feel of it in his mouth.
"Please stop?" She shuddered.
"Mmm, delicious."
Her face flamed. "So, now can I go?"
"Now why would I…?" He lowered his bare chest to hers. "A perfectly intelligent healthy male, just let this opportunity pass me by?"
Alex blinked at him. "You could act like a gentleman."
"Nope, I am a beast, you know?" Damon winked at her with a glowing eye.

My Review:

 Breaking the rules usually costs…but sometimes you wonder if in the end you might have paid too high a price?  Nah. Alex is a Mesmer, an ancient race of immortals that can wipe away all your memories and create a new reality for you.  The Mesmers work closely with the chimeras or gargoyles as they are known to us.  Sounds great right? Unless you take into account the fact that Alex cannot feel any emotions, at least until she meets Damon.  Damon makes her feel alive with a fire that in all her 500 hundred years of existence she has never felt.  But a beast cannot mate with a Mesmer.  It is forbidden.  A Mesmer can then become lost in her different realities..maybe forever.  Will they chance it?  Is it worth the risk?  Can love truly conquer all?
The book is a little confusing at first, the subtitles really help, but it is totally fascinating.  Your on the edge of you seat the entire time just trying to figure out where they will end up next.  Just when you think they are finally going to find each other and remember each other, one of them disappears.  It’s a roller coaster ride of hope, frustration, despair, and joy.  A ride that is totally addicting!  The sex scenes are steaming hot!  Especially if you like dominant alpha men and floating fantasies.  Because baby, this beast is all man!  I enjoyed this book tremendously and now must go back and read book one! 


Anne said...

Wow, that's some cover.

Laurie said...

O.M.G!!! Now that is a cover!

Unknown said...

The Beasts series is one of my all time favorite series!
And ladies, if you love the cover you will really enjoy what's inside!

Those Beasts (to me) are the new Alpha Werewolves. So delectably yummy with a side of oh!

loves to dive said...

Love the beasts and love our wicked Leanore. Great review.

Unknown said...

Leanore Elliott is such a unique, talented & spicy romance author. I loved her BEASTS series! If you haven't read them yet, you're in for quite a treat.

Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

Lisa Cox said...

I haven't read any of Leanore Elliott's books yet, but I do have Lace and Leather. I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet.
Thanks for the great review, and the sexy cover.

Brenda Demko said...

I love the cover! I have to check this book out!

mimirose41209 said...

What a cover! I have a few of Leanore's books on my kindle so that I can read them over vacation this summer.

mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

lavendersbluegreen said...

Uhduuuh.... struck dumb by your cover picture...

Dustykatt said...

I don't normally judge a book by it's cover but I want this one just to look at. Yumm

Emily said...

Sounds intriguing. And yeah, I had a bunch of those questions when I started my blog but I figured, you know what? I'm gonna do this for me and we'll see what happens from there.


Juana said...

Sounds like a great story. I've added it to my book wish list.


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