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FIB character interview By Devon Ashley

Hello!  I have had the privelage of being a part of this book tour.  Today I have Jenna with me, and she has agreed to answer a few questions for me!!  I'm so glad she could stop by!!

Hi Jenna!  I'm so glad you could stop by today!

Hi Nikki, thanks for having me!

  I know you hate talking about how you grew up, so let’s get this question out of the way…What was it like? I don’t really have any memories of those years, but I remember a general sense of happiness. I’m pretty much the same way. I don’t really have any memories of my first years…just these snapshots of me and the people that adopted me - and a general sense of being loved and feeling safe and happy. But then they gave me up when I was three and I still don’t know why. Well, everything went downhill from there. I was shuffled around from foster home to foster home and that sense of being safe diminished with each new home. And it’s not like anyone was mean or abusive towards me, but I just felt unwanted. No one took me long term. I’ll admit I became quiet and began to keep to myself, so I probably wasn’t a lot of fun for anyone to keep. When I got older, they started putting me in group homes. Not sure why they shuffled me from one to the next, but I had the distinct feeling they thought my reclusiveness was because I was unhappy with my surroundings, so they kept moving me hoping to find a place I’d be more comfortable in. Truth is, I just wanted out. My life had been one disappointment after another and I wanted some stability in my homestead. So when I found out the private school nearby offered scholarships, I jumped on the chance! So glad I did. I now have my first best friend and first real boyfriend and am generally pretty happy these days now that I’ve got some stability in my life. J

 I know you have worked extremely hard in your studies, hence the scholarship, but what is your favorite subject? I love everything science-related. Well, almost everything. I’m not particularly fond of chemistry.

 I know you plan on going to college, but what would you like to study?  Any career choices or certain fields that stand out? You know, I’m still trying to figure that one out. I’m pretty sure it’ll have something to do with science, I’m just not sure what field I wanna get into yet. That’s why I’m gonna study biological sciences. They make you take all the sciences – so even if I end up not liking a particular science, at least the credit will still go towards my degree.

Where did you meet your roommate?  How long have you two been friends? I met Sophie the day I moved into the dorm freshman year. This particular academy only covers the high school years so it was the first year there for both of us. The first time I saw her she was plastering the walls with posters of Katy Perry and The Killers. I knew from that moment we’d get along just fine!

When was the first time you remember seeing Robert? I think I noticed him for the first time freshman year during lunch. We didn’t have any classes together until spring semester so I didn’t know his name or anything until then. But I remember thinking he was cute…and he drew my gaze every once in awhile. 

 Was it an instant attraction, or something that grew? Totally grew. Like I said before, I’d seen him around campus and I knew by the team shirts he wore that he was a swimmer. We didn’t really hang out with the same people, so I had no idea he was all that interested in me either.

How was it comparable to being with Chance? Chance was funny. He exuberated so much confidence and knew just what to say to make me feel comfortable. Robert and I were interested but we were still a little shy around each other in the beginning.

During your visits with Chance, did you guys ever make plans or discuss anything of import? Well, it’s hard to make plans when your dreams don’t really acknowledge time. I mean, seriously, it felt like summer year round in there. Not at all typical of Vermont. But we had the normal boyfriend-girlfriend conversations – family, favorite things, etc.

Which boy did you have more in common with? Uh, I’m not really into sports or movies…pretty much just books, which is the complete opposite of both of them. I guess Robert, cause he seems more into school than Chance. But I guess that’s because we both attend the academy together and Chance was off in a summer wonderland most of the time. Good thing opposites attract, huh?

If you could go back to the day after your accident, would you change anything? LOL. I would change the part where I hit the bottom of the pond, rendered myself immovable and drowned.  If saving me is something Robert liked doing, I’d much rather twist an ankle and need to be carried back to school in his arms!

What do you see in your future? Above all, an education and a job. I really do hope my relationship works out, but the most important thing for me moving forward is to be able to take care of myself. I don’t wanna ever need to be dependent and find myself in the mercy of group homes or whatever the equivalent of that is for adults!

Thank you so much for joining us here today at CEWTNK.  I really enjoyed your visit!!  Please check out Devon's book.  It was wonderful!!

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