Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sunrise at Sunset By: Jaz Primo

"We vampires are focused and tend to shape our own realities." My name is Katrina Rawlings, and I am a vampire. I declare that with neither pride nor ego. I am simply nature's most dangerous predator. On occasion, it's a very valuable quality. It helped me protect Caleb Taylor one day when he was very young. But that single, traumatic day is behind him now; wiped from his memory, or so I hope. Caleb has finally matured into a rather striking young man, and believe me, I like what I see. I'll readily admit that there are issues for us to confront and overcome, though a sense of mutual commitment isn't one of them. I'm feeling hopeful for our future together, in fact. But an adversary from my past has returned to haunt me, and she's trying to get back at me through Caleb. That was her first...and last...mistake. I'll protect my Caleb at all costs, and I'll make her regret the day she was born. So, I suppose that I'm not just a vampire. I'm about to become someone's worst nightmare.

My Review:

We begin with Katrina being weary of life.  After a couple hundred years, I could honestly say I understand.  She was ready for her final sunset.  The sun was one of the things she missed most about being a human.  When she was human, the morning sunrise always brought the promise of a better day.  Now it was just the signal for her to come inside.  But something happens to Katrina as she waits out in the sunlight for the first time in decades.  And with that split-second decision, she meets someone who changes her life forever.

Caleb was your average all American kind of guy. Tall, athletic, and good-hearted with a laid-back easy manner.  His goal after finishing college was to teach history at a university.  He wasn't very good with relationships, but he figured that with the right girl everything would just fall into place.  He, however, didn't plan on meeting that girl in his night class.  He also, however, didn't plan one having his life turned completely upside down in the matter of one semester!

I'm going to start out by saying that I LOVED Katrina!!  She was an alpha through and through and she was by far my absolute favorite character.  She was everything you would hope to see in an alpha vamp heroine.  She was a very old vampire and the best warrior out of the vampires introduced.  She was the ultimate predator, that quickly developed a tender spot for Caleb which turns into so much more.l  But can he handle living in her world?  Will she disgust him when she reveals her true nature?  Caleb is tender hearted and innocent.  Will she destroy this in him?

Even though I can understand why Katrina would want someone like Caleb, and even appreciate his other qualities, he is not your usual hero.  That being really enjoyed the book!!  It was take on a side of a vampire you might not consider.  Innocence has its appeal, even to female vampires.  What makes this series unique is the fact that it is a alpha role reversal.  I can't wait for the next book.  I have a lot of unanswered questions!!

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