Friday, February 3, 2012

First Kiss with Ruth Madison and an exceprt from her new story Blue Moon

Hello CEWTNK!!  I have back with me this month Ruth Madison!!  She was on in December for my Naughty by Mistletoe event, and now has come to share with us some more of her fabulous writing!!
Take it away Ruth!!
From the short story Blue Moon by Ruth Madison…
            “We were never more than friends,” Kaitlyn insisted, as she had been doing for years. None of their friends knew about the single kiss they had shared.
It was the summer when they were seventeen. Even though it was difficult for Jason to push his wheelchair over grass, he had agreed to help Kaitlyn set up for a BBQ her mother was hosting. The sun was bright and the air was sticky. They had pulled a tape player out the window and were playing Nanci Griffith’s Once in a Very Blue Moon while they worked. Kaitlyn was holding one end of a table cloth and Jason the other, spreading it over the plastic folding table in the backyard. She was looking at him and his tousled brown hair, the cute squint of his eyes against the light, and wondering if he would ever love her the way she loved him. She had not yet been brave enough to ask.
Once the cloth was spread, they circled the table hunting for things to hold it down so it wouldn’t blow away.  Kaitlyn reached down for a stone and when she straightened, she brushed her bare arm against the side of Jason’s wheels, the cool metal of the rail feeling wonderful on the hot day.
He reached out and steadied her elbow before she fell and something in his face was different when she looked at him. She saw that he was having the same moment she had had years earlier. She saw the love and the realization of the love blossoming in his eyes.
They fell against one another, their lips touching. In her mind Kaitlyn saw herself as an elegant lady in a heavy brocade dress and Jason on a clean white horse, the kiss the passionate seal of a long fate. In reality it was clumsy and awkward. Her chapped lips brushing over his, her bony arms not knowing where to go. Yet there was a tingling, tiny pricks of excitement against her mouth just where their skin touched. The kiss sparked a fire in her core that had never gone out.
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Sounds amazing!!  A big thank you to Ruth for sharing!!!

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