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Giveaway and Review of Bound By Pleasure: Dirty Discoveries By: Morticia Knight

Good Morning CEWTNK!!  I can't thank all of my new and regular viewers enough for making this blog hop a complete success!!  You all rock.  So what tasty treat do I have lined up for you today?  We are dipping into some decadence with Morticia Knight and her latest book Bound by Pleasure: Dirty Discoveries.  Stay tuned afterwards for the giveaway details!  Right now, let's take a look at the book:

Young Jeffrey has been forcing himself to lead a very restrained and proper life. The only child of very conservative parents, he has been with the sweet, innocent Mia for almost three years, and it is pretty much a given that their families believe the nineteen-year-olds will be married as soon as they finish school. But while Jeffrey is away on a summer family trip for two weeks, it appears that something drastic happened to Mia - she is completely different and wants to break the whole thing off when he returns.
Jeffrey is distraught, and becomes determined to find out exactly what is going on with Mia. There are several dirty discoveries to be made, not the least of which is what Jeffrey has been hiding from himself. Will Jeffrey be able to convince Mia to come back to him? Or is he more likely to find comfort in someone else's arms, maybe even one of the dungeon participants?

My Review:

So getting into this book I really thought it was going to be about Mia.  Low and behold my surprise that it turns out to be all about Jeffery!! Jeffery is your normal average every-day kind of guy.  Not aggressive, pretty laidback, tries to do the right thing, and has been smothered in his parents firm religious beliefs.  But Jeffery has a secret.  A deep dark secret that would blow his carefully constructed world out of the water, should he ever allow his fantasies to run wild. Mia leaving him was probably the best thing that could of ever happened to him.  Because through his quest to reclaim Mia, Jeffery meets Master Greg.
Master Greg was tasked with escorting Jeffery out of the house.  He had seen Mia chained up, throat deep is some pretty intense sexual debauchery and had completely come apart.  Jeffery was completely unprepared not only for the sights to which Mia had exposed him but also to his reaction.  Thank goodness he had found a friend in Master Greg. But Greg had other ideas about what to do with Jeffery.  As he listened to him sob out his misery, Greg began forming a plan in his head for some more time with Jefferey.  After his tears had all dried, he handed him a card with his number and ordered Jeffery to call him tomorrow.  He promised he could make Jeffery's pain disappear.
Jeffery is unsure about what to do.  Should he try to pick up the pieces of his dreams with Mia as his wife, even though that image of her was forever burned in his memory, or  start over again?  Mia had been the only person he had ever been with, if you didn't count his impure thoughts.  Calling Master Greg the next day suddenly seemed like the best advice ever.  He desperately needed a friend. 
I really enjoyed this book.  It was a short hot sexy ride introducing the discovery of Jefferey:)  Jeffery is kind of wimpy but I guess all men can't be alpha, especially when your playing with BDSM.  Bottoms are essential to the role playing world and Jeffery fits right in.  But does he dare cross that line between fantasy and real life?  Find out in this awesome series!!

So how can you win your very own copy of this hot book?  Just fill out the rafflecopter!! Good Luck!!

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blanshire said...

Just books. ^^

Filia Oktarina said...

I prefer books. thank you^^

Unknown said...

Both. My hubby and I do light BDSM. More for me than him. But he indulges me.

Mary Kirkland said...

Both ;) I'm a switch *meaning I can play Dominatrix or sub, so we role play sometimes. After 23 years of marriage you have to spice things up

Oh, but I do love the books, you can get all sorts of naughty ideas from them.

Joanne said...

I've never tried it, but it sounds pretty interesting. If I found the right person, I would try it. I love to read books with BDSM in them.


Arianne said...

just in books :)

Unknown said...

I've dabbled, but it's mainly in books for me. But I have to say... With it, there's no thing like the real thing ;)


Anne said...

Just in books besides the occasional blindfold/wrist tied deal.

Savannah Chase said...

This book sounds hot...

nayjf said...

That is a question that I like to keep eople wondering about.


Shadow said...

so far, just in books. thats not saying that im not curious to try it. one of these days... :D

Lexi said...

Great review, makes me want to check this out. Sounds very hot, and I like that it's about Jeffrey.

Lexi said...

I didn't realize it was a give away till after I had commented. Love BDSM books, my husband and I have tried a little. It's great fun =) but I get the ideas from books, so bring it on!

Unknown said...

In books and have been in the lifestyle for years...

elizabeth @ bookattict . com

ParanormalRomanceFan said...

Hello Morticia,

Thank you Close Encounter with the Night Kind for featuring Morticia Knight on your Blog today. I also really liked your review of her her latest release, "Bound by Pleasure: Dirty Discoveries", it sounds like a very intriguing, erotic read.

As for your question, Is BDSM for me in real life or do I just prefer books?
I have a very open mind & willingness to try many erotic experiences, but I just haven't been able to convinue my Hubby to try BDSM yet. Since he is so much bigger than I am, he thinks he'll hurt I wait until he is soooo worked up & start being very vocal about what I want....then his conscious tends to fog. ;) & I get what I want anyway. LOL I'm just soooo Naughty. ;)
But I LOVE to read about BDSM in my Books I buy
I would very much appreciate the opportunity to enter your giveaway.
Take Care & Have a Great Weekend,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)

Anne R said...

Oh, just in books :)

msmjb65 said...

This book looks great! As to the question, I am on a new journey to enter into the lifestyle in a big way, I hope. Books led me to this path and I'm grateful to the wonderful authors who wrote characters that I so related to that it brought to the fore a part of me that never had a chance to fully emerge. I am embracing it now!

To anyone out there who feels strongly that something is missing in their lives and can relate to BDSM in the books they read, I highly recommend that you don't ignore it. I'm a single sub out in the big scene in NYC, but I am going to educational workshops and presentations and meeting folks who have been living the lifestyle for years.

Getting on the path has been like when you open up the window on the first lovely Spring day and your house fills with sweet, fresh's like that for me!
Congrats on the book and thanks for the giveaway!
msmjb65 AT gmali DOT com

M. Williams said...

I've not tried it in the real world. The books have me curious. I like the pain but submission? Who knows?

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