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First Kiss with author Jaye Frances

Good Morning my decadent and delightful viewers!!  Today I am pleased to have with me author Jaye Frances, who is sharing a first kiss and the book info on her latest The Kure.  Take it away Jaye!!

Thank you, Nikki, for including me in “First Kiss” on Close Encounters With The Night Kind. What a terrific concept! In my new paranormal/occult romance novel, The Kure, the main characters, John Tyler and Sarah Sheridan, share their first kiss in a most unexpected situation. It happens when they’re caught in the fury of a violent storm while attempting to perform a forbidden ritual from the ancient book, the Kure.

Here’s an excerpt:

From the moment the elements had turned violent, John had wanted to move Sarah and Beth out of danger. Yet his salvation was here, falling all around him, if he could keep Beth on her feet long enough to run with him for a few steps.
“John, you’ve got to hurry,” Sarah warned. “The light, it’s changing.”
He shielded his eyes and looked up. She was right. The eHe clouds were moving again, closing like a heavy black curtain over the moon.
Sarah pushed hard at their backs. “You’ve got to go. Now!”
John took a step, pulling Beth along with him, knowing he would eventually have to force her into a run. After a few short strides, he tried to increase the pace, but Beth was already laboring in the thick sludge, unable to keep up. Still drunk and unsteady, she began to pull back, begging John to slow down.
“You’ve got to keep up,” John yelled. “We have to keep moving.”
Beth tottered on flagging legs. “I can’t! You’re going too fast.”
He could feel her hand slipping away.
Sarah caught her cousin by the shoulders. Ever since pushing them forward, she had remained at Beth’s side. “Stay up with John. You have to run, you’ve got to—”
She stopped, her words suffocating in a rush of dark water.
Dark water.
She looked up, squinting into the driving rain, searching for the moon. Only a sliver remained, and it was swiftly fading behind the thickening web of the storm. In seconds, it was gone.
“We’ve lost the light,” John shouted. “It’s over. We have to get inside.”
Sarah’s eyes flashed in defiance, her voice resolute. “We can’t give up now. The clouds will blow over and the moon will come back. We just have to wait for it.”
Given the choice, John would have endured the worst that nature could offer before denying Sarah. But the power of the cure had been swallowed by the convulsing sky. He had to move both girls to safety.  He drew her close. “No, Sarah, listen to me. It’s too dangerous. Take Beth’s arm and help me get her inside.” “But we’ve seen it,” Sarah argued. “We need to try one more time.”
He knew her insistence was for his benefit, but the night had become a violent maelstrom, and he would not forsake his promise to protect her. “Sarah, I can’t let anything happen to you. Not now, not ever! I made a vow. To keep you safe.” She started to speak, but John brought a finger to her lips, stopping her. Even through the punishing torrent, he could see her disappointment. He brushed the water from her cheek and she instinctively closed her eyes, as though wanting to feel nothing but his touch. It happened in the middle of a raging tempest, with John naked and shivering in the cold. It happened with the wind at Sarah’s back, the rain pelting them so hard John could only hope she would feel his caress. As he brought his lips to hers and let them linger, he let it all in, wanting to remember the moment forever.  They separated slowly. John waited for Sarah to open her eyes before pointing to Beth. Sarah nodded and without further argument, swiftly moved to her cousin’s side.  Looking toward the main house, John searched for the huge landmark. But the mansion had vanished in a sea of rain. He turned back to Sarah and shouted. “We’ll each take an arm. You’ll have to lead. I can’t see the house or the barn.” Sarah nodded. “We’ll start off slowly to keep Beth from falling. Get a good grip, she’s covered in—”
A hundred yards away, a massive bolt of white fire erupted from the ground. Later, Sarah would argue that it had been a simple coincidence, while John would continue to wonder if their persistent defiance against the elements had exceeded the limits of some unknown constraint of the spell. Regardless of cause, the storm would no longer tolerate their presence, and it raised its angry voice in a stark display of dominance and power.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

John Tyler, a young man in his early twenties, awakens to find a ghastly affliction taking over his body. When the village doctor offers the conventional, and potentially disfiguring, treatment as the only cure, John tenaciously convinces the doctor to reveal an alternative remedy—a forbidden ritual contained within an ancient manuscript called the Kure.

Although initially rejecting the vile and sinister rite, John realizes, too late, that the ritual is more than a faded promise scrawled on a page of crumbling paper. And as cure quickly becomes curse, the demonic text unleashes a dark power that drives him to consider the unthinkable—a depraved and wicked act requiring the corruption of an innocent soul.

Ultimately, John must choose between his desperate need to arrest the plague that is destroying his body, and the virtue of the woman he loves, knowing the wrong decision could cost him his life.

Jaye Frances was born in the Midwest and grew up surrounded by traditional values and conservative attitudes (which she quickly discarded). She readily admits that her life’s destination has been the result of an open mind and a curiosity about all things irreverent, and she invites visitors to her website with a friendly caveat: “Be forewarned, my life has not followed the traditional path of homemaker, wife, and mother.” When she’s not consumed by her writing, Jaye enjoys cooking, traveling to all places tropical and “beachy” and taking pictures—lots of pictures—many of which wind up on her website. She lives on the central gulf coast of Florida, sharing her home with one husband, six computers, four cameras, and several hundred pairs of shoes.

              For a limited time, read “The Kure” for only $.99 (kindle version)

 I always spend the last few days of December reviewing my writing plan for the coming year—to determine what’s going to receive priority and how I will budget my time to make sure I get it done. During one of those planning sessions, I noticed my husband was also putting a few goals together for the new year. When I asked him to tell me about his “resolutions,” he said that one of them was to read more, especially books that fall outside his favorite genres, “just to see what else is out there.” We began to talk about how many more people are now reading books of all kinds, primarily due to increased availability and choice of low-cost eBooks for the kindle and nook. I often see comments from readers who decided to try a particular author’s work because it was ninety-nine cents, or in some cases, free. Then my husband asked an interesting question: “Why don’t you offer some kind of promotion to encourage more people to read The Kure, with the idea that they’ll be more inclined to read the book if you temporarily lower the price?” I really had to think about this one, but after realizing it might motivate a few more folks who are not familiar with The Kure to take a look, I decided to do it. I’m calling it “Resolve To Read”, and it’s going on right now. The kindle version of The Kure can be purchased for ninety-nine cents on Amazon. So if you were planning on buying a kindle version anyway, why not take advantage of the “Resolve To Read” promotion and save two bucks?


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Thanks for stopping by Jaye!!  Be sure and check out her Resolve to Read program for yourselves!!

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