Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breaking News on a Hot Hot Hot New Release that goes on sale today!!!

You know who this author is :)  That's right its Wickedly Wanton Leanore!!  And guess what you are looking at?  That's right!!  The cover for her newest sexy sinsation that has just been released at Decadent Publishing for the extreme low price of $1.49!!  Let's take a look at the book details and a brief post from my very dear friend:


First of all Nikki, I wanted to impart one thing: This is story is all heat from paragraph one, till the end! Decadent wanted very little else in this story.
LOL..Leanore, your books are usually hot from start to finish, but I can't believe they actually asked you to put in more sex and less story!!  This book has got to be hot!!

They wanted Hot Sex and Leanore certainly delivered…Chuckle.
As only you can babe!!  Let's have a look:

Everyone secretly yearns to be wild and uninhibited—everyone, whether they admit to it or not.

  During the hottest night of debauchery in New Orleans, Jazz yearns for someone who is not there, someone she never even officially met. Without hope for a lusty tryst with the hot stranger who haunts her wet dreams, she relies on a wicked, little tube of lipstick to vibrate her to release from the longing she suffers.

He seemed angry at first, and she could not figure out why.  Then, he pushed her up against his car, his warm hands roaming up along her thighs, past her waist, and under her blouse.  He leaned in and whispered, "Have to search you."
Next, he was playing with her nipples, his hard body pressed up against hers.  "I have to read you your rights, cher."  The sound of his deep Cajun drawl caused a heat to blaze across her skin.
By this part of the dream, she would be panting and tossing in her sleep.
He lifted her skirt, his strong fingers slipping into her panties to stroke her clit until her juices were slick while he whispered ever so softly into her ear, "You have the right to come for me..."
With the delight of someone opening a gift, she tugged at the underware and slyly peeked in.  A heated flush ran across her face as she stared at his hard, jutting cock while a rush of lustful adrenaline coursed through her.
At her breathless joke and her delighted peeking, he let out a chuckle.
He opened her legs wider, a now serious glint appearing in his eyes, "I watched that sweet tail of yours while you walked ahead of me." He dragged her closer.  "Teasing me with that sexy sway you have."
So, Nikki my message to your subscribers is: After you read this smooth slice of Cherry Red Heat? You will never look at Lipstick in the same way again.

LOL!!  I know I won't!  I think most of us could use that magic lipstick!!  Just click on the link below to buy your own copy!!  Happy Hot Reading!!


Ashlynne Laynne said...

Someone sound the alarm! I've got a fire blazin' ova here!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my!!! How I love a hot Cajun man (*swoon)

What an extremely hot teaser excerpt (boy did it tease!)

I'm sold! Love all of Leanore Elliot's works and know I will enjoy this one!

Cannot wait to see what awaits in the rest of this book!


Unknown said...

Oh my!!
It was even hotter than I thought!

One of the most enjoyable short stories I've ever read. It had absolutley everything needed to make ones toes curl :)

And that Gilbeaux.. Just wow!

I hope everyone enjoys Lipstick & Jazz as much as I did.


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