Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Love's Captive by Myra Nour

When Serena awakes, after a close and unpleasant encounter with some sort of stun gun, she learns that resistance is futile and escape only a yearned for dream. She comes to find that she and the other Earth women have been captured by the Moyds.....interstellar merchants, and their mission is to procure fertile wives for the men of Volarn because their own race has been endangered due to the wide-spread sterility of their own women. Serena is disgusted to realize that they are nothing in the men’s eyes but baby makers, but she’s aware that she has no other choice than to face the fate that awaits her with as much dignity as she can.

After arriving on Volarn, Serena finds that her assessment had not been entirely accurate. The Volarn men used their power crystals in the Tarthra Ritual to approach the women to find the mate most suited to them, a women to love and who can love them and Serena has been chosen to become King Rhamus’ Queen but, just as she feels herself weakening to him and his romantic, passionate nature, Rhamus’ enemy Xarath abducts her......

My Review:

The Volarnians were a species doomed.  More and more of their females were being born sterile and their population was on a steady decline.  They were forced to turn to pirating in order to give their species a fighting chance.  Luckily for them, the Volarnians had a magic within them centered around the crystals on the planet.  This magic allowed them to find their one true mate.

Serena was alone in the world, her heart guarded under many layers of pain.  Yet there was a gentleness underneath her fierce exterior.  Her chosen profession was one that many people had scoffed at, but be as it may it was perfect for her unusual height.  It was also a great outlet for stress.  No one grows up and decides to be a wrestler, it just kind of happens. Serena enjoyed her job even if secretly she was a bit lonely.  She had just lost her match and was waiting outside for her ride when a pair of men looked to be up to no good.  She was determined to deter them from wrong doing and asked them if they were looking for someone.  Their reply was you and that was the last thing she remembered before she woke up on the spaceship.

Rhamus felt horrid about taking the women from other plant but circumstances had left him with little choice.  As their King, he had to take in account the well-being of his people and push aside his personal feelings.  As he entered the throne room to inspect the girls and be the first to undergo the Tarthar, his gaze happened upon a dark haired beauty.  She was tall and built like his people with similar coloring, but other than the familiarity he felt nothing for her.  He had planned on brushing by the red-haired one because he just couldn't stand to look upon the coloring of his enemies.  But she locked eyes on him and he was taken aback by their beauty.  It seemed that all choice had been stripped from him.

Serena watched the man board the ship, and was shocked at his beauty.  She felt a pang because he seemed more interested in the dark-haired girl as opposed to her.  She wished he would look her way.  His initial glance moved over her hair and on to the others but came back to her again after a while.  She looked him in the eyes and was taken aback by the color.  He came closer to her and reached out to touch her cheek.  They were enveloped in a blue light as he reached forward to kiss her.  Serena had the feeling things for her had just changed forever.

His world held such beauty and wonder, but she missed home and tried at first to harden herself against him.  She plotted escape at the same time Rhamus plotted for her heart.  Who would be the victor?  As feelings develop between these two lovers, a great evil tries to break them apart.  Will their fragile love stay strong?

This book was very very very good.  The author has created a vivid and enchanting world, with amazing animals and wondrous plants.  The magic that is present in this world is beautiful and pure.  Serena and Rhamus were both great characters but I think I enjoyed Serena more.  She had a lot of obstacles and old wounds to mend before she was ready to open up.  Rhamus was truly her perfect match.  This was an incredibly scrumptious and sweet read.  I enjoyed it immensely!!  

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