Sunday, June 17, 2012

Writing From the Heart!!

Hi, everyone! First, I just want to thank Nikki for letting me steal her blog for a day!

As some of you may know, Beth Ann Masarik recently put together, edited and released the anthology, Writings from the Heart: Stories and Poetry from Around the World. When Beth first came to me and told me what this anthology was in support of, I was ready to start writing then to contribute. Why, you ask? Let me tell you.

I was born in September of 1978. I was 14 weeks early (that’s 3 ½ months). I weighed 2lbs 13oz and was just 14 inches long. My dad could hold my head in his hand and my feet would just touch his elbow. My mom had diabetes since she was a teenager so she had known there was a possibility of an early birth, but no one had expected me to come *that* early. (I blame the faux fur coat she’d just bought for winter. LOL)

Because I’d been born so early, I was put into an incubator. My parents couldn’t even hold me for the first two months of my life. A strap was put around my head to keep me from moving so much (I’m sure there was a more medical reason for that, too, but I have no idea). My dad would tell me how he would put his hand in through one of the holes and I would grab his finger. I found out later that there were several times my parents were afraid of losing me.

December 5, 1978, I was allowed to go home. I weighed 5lbs 5oz and was now 16 inches long (might have been longer).

Because of my own rough start to life, anything relating to helping kids, keeping their hopes up in hard times or supporting pediatrics in any way has my attention. Beth’s own story of heart troubles made me want to participate even more to support he and the hospital that had helped her so much. This anthology is for a great cause. All proceeds go toward the pediatric wing at the Stephen Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York. I strongly urge you to consider picking up a copy, whether paperback or an e-copy. Here’s where to buy:

Paperback (from Createspace, only $13):

Smashwords (for all other ebook formats):

Thank you again, Beth, for having me here today! I’m very happy I got to share my story and support such a great cause for kids (and adults)!

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