Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Ordained By: Devon Ashley

Normally, the school creates the hunters - not the monsters.

Abby Sorrensten likes to play rough. Ripping the horns off the foreheads of demons, manipulating lightning and setting things on fire with the flick of your wrist can give you a serious rush. So she probably wasn’t the best choice for the Order’s experimental training program. Thirteen years of isolation, lack of affection and a bruised and broken body from horrendous training sessions creates more than just an exceptional fighter. It creates an evil within - an evil responsible for several deaths the night she left.

Two hundred years later Abby resurfaces as the very thing the Order trained her to kill: a vampire. A mythical demon has set his sights on the school and only the ordained hunter has the powers to face it. Unbeknownst to the Order, Abby’s their precious ordained one and their only chance for survival. As much as she would love to leave them hanging, she’s not willing to risk the life of Emily, a fellow friend and hunter also fed up with the organization.

But for Abby, locking herself away in a fortress with angry descendents of those she killed causes suspicions and tensions to run high. Abby must learn the demon’s weaknesses for battle before the Order learns hers

My Review:

This is the second book I have read by Devon and I must say I really enjoy her work.  This book had a very thick plot and was extremely well written.   Abby is a very complex character which not only made her the most interesting, but my favorite.  She is extremely powerful and guarded.  She also has a very caring and compassionate heart, even though it is well buried.  Not to mention the fact that she is lethal.  But Abby has many secrets.  Unraveling just who she is and her purpose will keep you wrapped up in this book.  Abby was trained by the very people that she hated and has lost all memory of her time with them. She returns to the Order for answers and slowly regains most of her memories.  Many of the Order fear her, even though they plan to use her for their own purposes.  Sadly, they have no clue that she was the one they have been searching for and the one that will ultimately save their world.

So in their arrogance and ignorance, the Order shuns Abby once again.  They are not quite sure what to make of her, as she was their experimental pupil to begin with.  They did horriable things to Abby in order to produce a better more effecent killing machine.  They succeded in their creation, but lost control of it.  Abby killed five of her instructors before Noel found her.  The things they did to her were unimaginable and have never been tried again.  The Order as a whole has a lot to answer for.

Demons are the main source of evil in this book.  There is a large array of them, and their descriptions were amazing!!!   I loved the twist in the mythology about the creation of vampires.  There are actually two different kinds.  So this book had an array of supernatural beings, and it is well worth the read.  I actually can't wait for the second book to come out.  If your looking for a suspenseful, action-packed, paranormal read, look no further.  I throughly enjoyed this book!!

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Joanne said...

This book sounds intriguing. Can't wait to read it.


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