Saturday, August 11, 2012

Review: Chasing Fate By Elle J Rossi

Destiny. Some will do anything to change it. Even hunt down the spinners of fate.

The Fates are said to control our destinies. From our first breath to our dying gasp, these creatures of legend weave the courses of our lives. Even the gods are subject to their decrees. Spinners of dark secrets, the Fates have been feared for the tragedies they weave. No man dared confront the Relentless Ones . . . until now.


She is forced to kill . . .

When a much-needed vacation turns into work for the third Fate, Atropos vows to sever the mortal’s lifeline quickly and get back to the sea and sand. Having her mysterious quarry offer a deal in exchange for more time is an unexpected complication. Always surrounded by darkness and death, Attie takes a chance to get a taste of life and help right a wrong that never should have happened.

He refuses to die . . 
My Review: 
Out of all of the books in this series, my heart actually bled for Attie.  Never seen, never touched, and the carrier of all the sadness an eternity can stuff into one vessel, Attie exists because her sister's love make it bearable.  You can't miss what you don't know, so Attie has no inkling of what living is all about.  Until she is seen by one remarkable man who not only can touch her, but move her as no one has ever been able to before.
Dru's world has stayed in the realm of misery and despair since the brutal slaying of his family.  Te only thing that keeps him going is vengeance.  So he bids his time hoping against hope that Death will grace him with her, the beautiful vision that he has seen all of his life hovering around scenes of death.  He needed her.  She was the one being that could help him to succeed in his mission.  But Dru miscalculated his response to Attie and questioned what was really important.
These two characters are brought together by "Fate" are drawn to each other like no other.  Dru makes Attie a deal she can't refuse, even though they both know that they are on borrowed time.  Attie feels as though she owes him his last wish for finally making her feel and open up.  But what will happen when the deal is done?  Can she go back to the life she knew before Dru?  Does she want to?  This was a great ending to the trilogy!!  I have enjoyed the stories immenensly!!  I can't wait to read something else by this athor!!  Great Read!!

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Unknown said...

I love the Greek Fates but I've been reading mixed reviews on this series. Yours added perspective to the 3-star ones. Thanks for sharing

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