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The Rack: Special Addition with Eve Langlais and Her Hell Series

Hello and Welcome to a special addition of The Rack, coming to you live from my lowest level in the dungeon with none other than The King of all Naughtiness himself Lucifer. By the way, thank you for the latest addition to my dungeon. The way he can stretch his...err..."muscle" is truly quite amazing. As I know business is booming down there these days, I won't keep you long :) Besides my new toys arrived today and I am dying to try them out. Gaia was here last week and she mentioned your newest nefarious plot at matchmaking! Of course she also relieved me of all of my Woodland Fairies. Its a shame because they were quite happy here....oh well. So let's get crackin! I'm going to work while we talk, gotta keep these boys happy and I don't get down here as much as I would like to.

Can I get you a drink? Whip? Here try this. I just got in the latest remote controlled rack! No more cranks and levers. Its all done by a don't press the blue one. The demons are the only ones that can take that amount of heat without going crispy.
Lucifer: The rack. Such a beautiful piece of equipment. How far it's come. I'll admit, I'm a bit old school though. There's nothing like turning that crank myself, listening to joints pop and the screams of agony as my subjects repent their sins. Let me know if you'd like to take a turn. I do so love to play with it for fun. As for a drink, I'd better not. I'm in full detox for the upcoming golf match against my brother. Stupid rules don't allow for performance enhancing drugs. Thank Hell, Viagra's not on that list.
Ahh..but now you can have a whole level of racks, and keep torturing on schedule.  It is all about downsizing the


How are your new couples doing?
Lucifer: Very well, too well. Their damned happiness is killing my appetite. But, I could stand to use a few pounds especially since I think one of them is already breeding my next generation of demons. I hope it's a boy. I've got my eye on a crib made from recycled bars recovered from Alcatraz. Some even have the gnaw marks of prisoners desperate to escape.
Oh how delightful!! That place truly held some delightful examples of humanity.

So tell me your thoughts behind your hookups? Is it purely more productively with happier employees or is there a master plan?
Lucifer: Who cares if they're happy? This is Hell after all not some bloody vacation resort. But in answer to your other query, my newly paired demons have been more than productive, getting their tasks accomplished in half the time it used to take so they can get off work early and spend time screwing like bunnies. I've got videos if anyone wants to watch. No takers? Spoilsports.
LOL...your witch has quite a few on you...I'd be afraid of retaliation.  You do a superb job in the Macarena.

Are you going to branch out or just stick with your favorite demons? You have such a luscious stock by the way. I'm truly envious. While mine are truly yummy, I have been thinking about adding to my collection again..possible something in red
Lucifer: Whoever is unlucky enough to catch my eye is fair game. But not just any demon will do. I want the toughest, smartest, most dangerous of my minions hooking up and popping out the next generation of soldiers. I hear you might be in the market for a demon or two of your own. If I wasn't forced into monogamy by Gaia, I'd take you for a spin myself.
Agh..monogamy...truly a foul word.  How does one spend its immortality with one being?  Though I'm flattered, no thanks.  I think the last female being you said that to is still trying to unlace all her orifices that Gaia sewed up.

So who is your next victim....err future happy couple?
Lucifer: Can't say. I don't want to give the demon any warning. Suffice it to say, I'm going to kill two birds with one stone. I'm not only going to pair up two of my nastiest demons, I'm going to improve my chances in the golf tournament as well. That cup is coming home to Hell where it belongs.
Good Luck with the tourny!  Sounds like to me an angel might be involved.  They are quite beautiful when they fall , although quite difficult to hold until they....err "decide" to.  Their wings turn interesting shades of black.  I'll be expecting my compensation for your wife's spring job...Maybe something in orange or red?  You can send him with my usual shipment.

So let's take a look at the series connected with this amazing exclusive with the King Himself!!!!!!!!
 Remy’s not ready to settle down, not when the ladies love him so much. A giving demon, why would he deny them the pleasure of his excellent technique? But his view on monogamy changes when he meets a saucy witch with a firm grasp of the word ‘No!’ Who could resist the challenge? However, before he can put his demonizing days behind him, he needs to catch the bad guys, save the witch, and find a way to convince her to love him, not kill him.

Warning: This story contains a sexy demon with corny pickup lines and a sassy witch who works for Satan. There is coarse language, hot scenes, a twisted version of Hell and a whole lot of giggles. If you possess an open mind, a good sense of humor and a tainted soul, then read at your own peril. 
I have had the pleasure of reviewing this book!!  You can read my review Here.
With a giggle and an outrageous mouth – perfect for things other than talking – Katie comes flying into Xaphan’s life, upsetting centuries of self-inflicted misery. How can he stay true to the one he lost when a bubbly psycho, with mismatched eyes, keeps consuming his thoughts – and awakening his desire?

So she was a tad bit nuts, Katie’s insanity came in handy as the Devil’s favorite problem solver. But killing’s not on the menu when a dragon goes missing, and worse, Lucifer teams her up with Hell’s grumpiest demon. His rejection of her advances only makes her more determined to seduce him. And despite her violent reputation, a part of her is oddly tempted to let him live.
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Kaylyn D said...

Thanks Eve! I love Lucifer!! He rocks.

Unknown said...

I'm already chomping at the bit for the next book :)

LJ Peters said...

This whole series, like all of yours are so amazing and I can't get enough of them!

June M. said...

I LOVE Eve's books and have already read and enjoyed both of these books. I can't wait to see who Lucifer's next victims are.

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