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Spotlight On: Last Vamp Standing

Back Cover Blurb:
Tortured by demonic voices, Dante’s soul is as black as they come. But when he meets Ariana—an innocent vampire fighting demons of her own—he second-guesses everything he’s ever known about sacrifice, passion, and soul-scorching love.
Before Dante wages war against Crimson Bay’s greatest threat, he must make a choice: love Ariana the way she deserves, risking her life in the process—or fight to protect her, unleashing the monster he’s determined to bury.
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Author Bio:
Kristin Miller has had a passion for language and literature her whole life. Born and raised in Small Town USA, she often made up stories about faraway places and edge-of-your-seat adventures.
After graduating from Humboldt State University with a degree in psychology, Kristin realized there is no scarier place than the warped human psyche. Wanting to combine her love of writing with her desire to paint twisted villains, Kristin wound up in the unlikeliest of places—the classroom. She taught high school and middle school English before giving in to the desire to create her own world, where villains can be sympathetic and heroes can be devilishly good.
She is represented by Nalini Akolekar of Spencerhill Associates Ltd. and writes dark paranormal romances and toe curling romantic suspense.

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Thanks so much for having me on the blog today!  I’m taking you to Chapter One of Last Vamp Standing. You’ve missed a prologue, where Dante and Ariana are teleported out of a vampire elder black market and into the forest surrounding Ariana’s haven, Black Moon.
 Sneak Peek:
If the Watcher sucking face with a platinum-blonde wood nymph in front of Black Moon’s ocean access gate wasn’t already hovering on the brink of excommunication, Ariana would’ve had him thrown out on his ass. He wasn’t supposed to sneak back to their haven to body-rock with a scantily clad nympho on a healing binge. He was supposed to be at his post, just outside the ring of fir trees in the forest, watching over her body as she astral-projected to the streets of San Francisco.
If he’d done his job, she might’ve been able to do hers.
Now, because he’d been distracted by velvet words and the jerk of a tiny hand, a vampire from the elder black market had piggybacked on Ariana’s projection.
He’d gotten too close to their haven, to her.
Ariana could still feel the heat from his liquid gold eyes scorching across her skin. And even though she hadn’t gotten more than five minutes with him—at the black market when he’d caught her eye, then the forest when she’d told him never to think of her again—he was permanently etched into her memory. He had disheveled, chestnut-brown hair that she longed to graze her fingers through. A hard, set jaw that showed every strain of his body, and broad, warrior shoulders that could bear the weight of the world.
She’d never met anyone like him.
Everything Ariana had learned about vampire elders didn’t prepare her for what had happened back there, with him. Elders had mawares—powers bestowed upon them when they transitioned into the ethereal Ever After—and Ariana thought she’d seen them all: orbs of protection, wicked cool time warping skills, control over the weather or elements … but she’d never seen a run-of-the-mill vamp teleport.
But that was exactly what her vamp had done.
Except instead of teleporting them to his destination of choice, wherever that might’ve been, Ariana’s astral-projection had snapped them back into Black Moon’s range like a rubber band returning to form.
She thanked her lucky stars that the stranger was on his way to Darkly Meadow. She was finally free from his penetrating gaze. He looked at her with ravenous hunger, yet remained tense and fiercely in control, with tight white lips she wanted to soften with a slow swipe of her tongue.
He wasn’t wrong for looking at her that way. He was a hormonal vamp male, after all.
Ariana was wrong for liking it, especially as much as she did. Her skin flushed merely thinking about the way his eyes had devoured her body.


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Thanks, Nikki, for the wonderful spotlight!

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I think this book looks really interesting and would love to add it to my TBR pile. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

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