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All About Leanore Elliot and More Sex!!

If you have stopped by my site more than once, you have surely seen a post or two by Leanore Elliot.  Leanore's book is the first one I read for a reviewing company and was completely shocked that this book wasn't well known.  It was wonderfully written and I was left in tears several times because well, Leanore KNOWS how to torture!!  LOL!  So today I want to feature my thoughts on Leanore's newest tantalizing treat.  But first, let's dive into More Sex and some words from Leanore:


Yeah, I bet that title got your attention, lol. While many fans have enjoyed Leanore’s books, they all asked for one thing….. MORE SEX.

Well, we set out to do just that. Leanore rubbed her wicked hands together with a naughty glee and created an erotic anthology with six hot, sex filled stories. Ooh, did we have fun exploring all the ways in which someone would get turned on!

I am including a few of the sexy images here that serve as CHAPTER HEADS in the book just to give a peek into this illicit world of riveting heat.

Here is the disclaimer at the beginning of the book and I feel it pretty much sums it all up rather nicely.

{These sex stories are all filled with a sexual intensity, some are light BDSM and not for the timid reader. All of them are imbued with different appetites and preferences. There is oral action, masturbation, cunninlings, straight on fucking, spanking, submission, domination, sexual obsessions, some anal penetration and fetish type yearnings.

These Sex Stories all have one thing in common—they will get you hot. Woven with clever, unique plots to lead you in while pitched with a lot of raw heat to turn you on.}

So, in honor of My Sweet Nikki’s BLOGVERSARY for CEWTNK you can win a copy of the yet to be released…MORE SEX, 1 copy is up for grabs.

I just happen to have a review copy and I want you to know Leanore, the last story was my fav!!  

My Review:

So I received this e-mail letting me know that Leanore has just released another yummy book.  I rubbed my hands in glee and opened it up only to discover there was more than one story!!  So this book is literally saturated with sex...and what a yummy story that makes!!

Our opening story begins with Pearl and her obsession with her boss.  Its an obsession that started the day she was hired.  Pearl thinks its gone to an unhealthy level but can't seem to control her thoughts and actions.  The bad thing is, he doesn't even know she exists, at least that's what Pearl is led to believe.  Then tragedy strikes  He comes to her to inform her that his promotion is taking him away, but its her new boss is very nice.  But it's the question he asks he that blows her clean away....

Our next story is about Claire who has  never experienced the big O, or even got hot and bothered by a guy.  But Claire's best friend thinks she has found the solution in Rex, and shes pays for Claire to have a night with him.  Claire is uncomfortable with the idea but vows to see it through even though she truly believes she will be filing her nails in about an hour.  But Rex has other plans and they involve lots of screaming......

Fem Dom anyone?  I always pictured nerdy guys getting off on a hot girl telling him what to do.  Of course Leanore makes even this avenue eye-catching with her incredibly HOT brave who wants to be dominated.  Lena comes to this place in the middle of no where in order to broker a deal.  She has no idea that the stipulations for closing it will be so decadent....

The Hat Trick is a man that literally commands his females, to the point they would do anything he wanted.  He has become weary with his easy conquests and then Manda waltzs in.  He senses her on the other side of the two-way mirror.  But who ends up commanding who....

Voyeur much?  Rich had become obsessed with watching his hot neighbor across the way through his binoculars.  He had masturbated himself into a frenzy several times watching her roam naked around her condo.  Imagine his surprise when he glances up to find that he is someone else's voyeur fantasy and she is tired of it being just a fantasy...

Jewel had been turned on to BDSM and loved the slave aspect.  But her master released her before he left for France and Jewel made a terrible mistake in picking her next one.  He stripped her of everything and locked her up.  She had made an attempt to escape him before but after what happened last night she knew that if this escape attempt failed, he would kill her.  She had no choice and manages (barely) to escape in a taxi.  She is afraid to talk to the cab driver because her former master owns a lot of people around the town.  But as she looks at what he has written in her passport, she knows that she has to trust someone...

I loved all the stories but the last one was my favorite!!  Jewel was rescued by the cab driver who took very good care of her and nursed her back to health.  But even though Rober looks like a knight in shining armor to Jewel, he is not at all what he seems!!  Great Job Leanore!!


Di said...

Just looked over Leanore's book posts - WOW! - looks like some hot read for the hot summer! Perfect!

Unknown said...

My summer just started and I have several of Leanore's books on my kindle just waiting to set it on fire!! I can't wait to start!!
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

mimirose41209 said...

I love blog hops. It is a great way to find new authors and I am adding Leanore to the top of the list!

mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

I love blog hops but I LOVE Leanore Elliot's work even more. That woman sure knows how to write it hot :)

Best wishes of the greatest success with your works!


andieleah said...

Damn those sounds hot!!! Pushed to the top of my tbr list!!!!

Dustykatt said...

Ok I love bed time stories for us to read to each other and this sounds like it could keep us busy for a while. :)

Emily said...

These sound yummy, thanks for sharing! And I love the title!!


Yvette said...

The books look awesome.

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