Friday, August 3, 2012

Primal Song's Release Day Party!!!

Welcome to Danica Avet's Release Day Party for Primal Song!!  I am so excited to be hosting Danica and sharing the details of her yummy books with you!!!  But what is a party without prizes?  This is what you can win :

E-copy of Primal Song
$10 Amazon Card
Autographed copy of Ain't No Bull (You can check out my Review)
Primal Song Swag Pack
I asked Danica to write me the top ten songs she would put on her sound track to this book.  Hey, we need some party music right?  LOL.  So let's take a listen:
Danica’s Top Ten Songs (That need to be in this book’s soundtrack):

I’m a music fiend. I listen to it constantly. When I’m writing, when I’m working, when I’m cleaning house, and even when I sleep. I have to have something playing. Generally, it’s hard rock, heavy metal music. What can I say? I was born to rock. So writing a book about a rock star lion shifter was a dream come true. And I had to have a long list of songs to influence Saber’s (my rock band) music.

Here they are:
#10 Grand Funk Railroad’s American Band Because I can’t think of a rock band without thinking of this song. The groupies, the traveling, they talk about it all.

#9 AC/DC’s It’s A Long Way to the Top (If Ya Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll) Another song about life in a rock band. I love AC/DC’s stuff back when they had Bon Scott. I can almost see Ram, my hero and the lead singer of Saber, singing this.

#8 HellYeah’s Hell of a Time If I had to pick a band with a singer who sounds like my hero, Ram, it would probably be a mix of Chad Gray of HellYeah and M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold. Besides, this song just makes me think of Saber chilling out.

#7 All That Remains’ Hold On This is one of those songs that sounds really hardcore if you listen to the sound, but is actually a very touching song when you listen to the lyrics. All That Remains has a lot of songs that are about heartbreak and dealing with it. Good stuff.

#6 My Darkest Days’ Every Lie Another song that’s more about the everyday struggle of dealing with a break-up and a lying partner. I associate Daisy more with this song than Ram because she’s been knocked down by a past love and isn’t ready to trust.

#5 All That Remains’ The Waiting One Okay, I really like All That Remains and the lead singer reminds me of Ram as well, but this song speaks to the author in me who appreciates a good black moment. This is a heartbreaking song and was one of my go-to songs while writing this book.

#4 Breaking Benjamin’s Lights Out I just flat out love this song. ‘Nuff said ;)

#3 Mastodon’s Dry Bone Valley This song came out shortly after I wrote Primal Song and each time I listened to it, I thought about how perfect it would be for Saber to play. With Nick Gamble on lead guitar and his brother, Craig, on rhythm, I think they could shred it like pros.

#2 AC/DC If You Want Blood (You Got It) Another AC/CD song, but I can’t help myself. When I hear this song, I’m reminded of how hard Ram and the other shifters in Saber worked to get where they are. Ram’s given his music his all and once he sees Daisy, he puts the same determination into winning her over.

#1 Avenged Sevenfold’s Buried Alive I love A7X. There aren’t many of their songs that don’t make me feel like I can take on the world, but Buried Alive really gets me going and I could easily picture Ram singing while Nick and Craig take care of Synyster Gates’ and Zacky Vengeance’s guitar riffs.

And now for some more fun!!  Here it is Ladies and Gents!!  Danica's newest release:

Deputy Daisy Picou is not impressed when Ram Reinhardt prowls into town all rock star swagger and big cat ego. She’s been burned by a lion before and has no intention of playing the fool twice. But with one scorching glance the mating frenzy ignites and passion trumps reason. An intense first encounter levels Daisy’s reservations—and most of her living room. And she’s not so sure she minds.
Ram Reinhardt has burned through and brushed aside just about every adrenaline-inducing thrill life’s thrown at him. But Daisy sets the gold standard for a premium rush. Her combative personality should turn him off, but every time they fight they end up in bed, or on the floor, or against a wall—and the sex is always more combustible than the time before. And he’s not about to give that up. Ever.

Buy Links: Ellora's Cave  Amazon
Something banged on the front porch of the house, rousing her from her self-pity. It wasn’t a stealthy sound, but more like someone was trying to figure out how to get inside and didn’t care if anyone heard them.
Daisy pulled her service pistol out of the belt she’d left coiled on her nightstand. Some women kept lotions and sleeping masks or even books on their nightstands. Daisy left her gun and enough ammo to start a small war.
She climbed out of bed and toyed with the idea of getting dressed before she went to check on the noise, but another scraping sound prodded her into moving. She did throw a robe over her naked body and loosely tied it, not wanting to wave her girl parts at a potential burglar. Slipping through her house on silent feet, she wondered if one of the strangers in town had decided to try their luck at burglarizing a few houses. It was rare, but it did happen.
Adrenaline and a tinge of fear washed through her as she made her way in the direction of the sound. Those were definitely scraping, scratching sounds, as if someone was using a lock pick to open the door. Heart pounding in her chest, she eased to the window beside the front door and peeked out. And blinked.
There was a lion on her porch. A huge friggin’ beast with a thick, dark mane and the kind of fangs that belonged on the Discovery Channel. He had one paw on her front door and she watched in stunned disbelief as he tried picking her lock with one carefully extended claw.
The only lion shifter she was aware of in the area was the musician, but it made no sense for him to be here. What was he planning to do? Break in her house and sing at her? She bit back a snort. She wasn’t afraid of any big cat. Being a bear had its benefits, mainly that she outweighed most males in her animal form, but her bear wasn’t even fazed by this unexpected visit. In fact, it wanted to come out right now, not to attack, but to play. It thought the idea of a lion trying to break into their territory a great way to end the evening. Daisy sniffed deeply, drawing the scent of cat through the door and knew it was the musician. Beneath that wild, musky cat scent was a hint of the same male she’d been trying not to think about since she left the fairgrounds.
Shit. What was he doing here? She breathed deep again, trying to figure out his frame of mind. Was he pissed that she left the performance? She almost snorted at the thought. That would take listener satisfaction a little too far. But he smelled hot and agitated. Her head swam as something else filtered through her senses, making her body feel sluggish again.
Her lower body throbbed with want, her nipples tightened into near-painful points. She was getting turned-on. Seriously turned-on because she could feel dampness on her thighs as her moisture seeped from her channel.
He growled. The low, deep rumble sent a bolt of excitement straight to her clit and she gasped.
She reached for the door, not sure if she planned to tell him to get away, or invite him in. She wanted more than she ever had before, but he wasn’t what she needed, right? Only an idiot would open the door to a male who would use her and leave her. Apparently her horniness dropped her IQ by several points because she undid the lock and turned the knob.
But she’d waited too long and the lion had gotten tired of trying to pick the lock. The instant Daisy swung open the door, two paws landed on her chest, taking her to the floor.
The gun bounced out of her hand, sliding across the tile where it bumped up against the leg of a table. Five hundred pounds of big cat was a lot and it took a few minutes for Daisy to get her wind back. She wanted to curse when she did. If he was a serial stalker or something, she’d just lost her weapon and given him the dominant position. She was a fucking genius.
Hot, panting breath that carried the unmistakable scent of alcohol wafted over her face. Squinting against the hurricane of air, she saw the lion staring down at her with serious, yet slightly unfocused amber eyes.
“Get off of me,” she said calmly, even if part of her wanted to demand he shift and fuck her. Now.
He didn’t go away. In fact, he put his big paws to either side of her shoulders, effectively caging her in between his limbs. Her heart thundered as he lowered his head. Just when she thought he was ready to shift and take care of the need burning through her, he licked from her chin to her forehead, his rough tongue abrading her skin.
“Ew! That’s disgusting!” This was not what her pussy had hoped for when she opened the door.
She tried to roll away from him, but he caught her shoulder with his paw and ran his velvety muzzle along her cheek. The rumbling purr that vibrated from his chest rattled her bones. The coarse hair of his mane tickled her face and neck as he continued rubbing against her like a giant kitten.
His tongue snuck out, lapping at the side of her neck. It was one of her sensitive spots and she jumped with a giggle. Shit. She was supposed to be some badass cop and she was letting some strange cat tickle her.
“Stop it,” she ordered in a quivery voice he paid no mind to.
With his scent surrounding her, Daisy’s body heated until it felt as if she’d burst into flames. Her heart thumped. Oh God, she’d just spent hours talking herself out of doing something stupid like throwing herself at him and now he was in her house licking her. She panted as he went for the hypersensitive spot behind her ear.
Instinct demanded she participate in this madness. She reached up to the warm body hovering over her. The instant she touched his velvety coat, his fur faded away leaving nothing but warm, golden skin behind. Paws became hands on either side of her and the mane disappeared, but the slightly rough texture of his tongue remained as he came down on top of her.
“Oh God,” Daisy gasped when he tested her skin with his teeth.
She shook her head as the light coating of hair on his chest abraded her nipples, sending electric shocks straight to her aching core. “Huh?” she mumbled when his tongue danced over her collarbone.
“My name is Ram.”
“Uh-huh, do that again.”
His hot breath washed over her skin as he repeated the little love bite at the base of her throat. “I’d like to know your name in return,” he whispered against her skin.
Shivering from his erotic bite, Daisy whimpered her name. If he didn’t get this show on the road, she’d come without him and then she’d do as bears did and hibernate the rest of the night.
A big, hair-roughened knee slid between her thighs. Thighs that parted without any hesitation, making Daisy’s face burn with embarrassment. Was she so easy she’d just let some strange cat fuck her in the entryway of her home?

A Little Bit About Danica:

Danica Avet was born and raised in the wilds of South Louisiana (that would be somewhere around Houma) where mosquitoes are big enough to carry off small children and there are only two seasons: hot and hotter. With a BA in History, she figured there were enough fry cooks in the world and decided to try her hand at writing.

Danica is the lucky pet of a compulsively needy dog and two cats. The pitter-patter of little feet has been known to make her break out into a cold sweat.

Writing is how she gives the voices in her head a way out. When she isn’t writing, working or contemplating the complexities of the universe, she spends time gathering inspiration from her insane family, reads far more than any sane person would want to, and watches hot burly men chase an oblong ball all over a field.

Author Links:

I cannot wait to dive into this book!! Just fill out the rafflecopter for your chance to win!!  Good Luck!!!
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Unknown said...

Very interesting cover and that was a very hot excerpt. I'm still panting.
Is the book a stand alone or part of a series?
I can't wait to learn more.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

miki said...

hum more than interesting and i was also wondering if it was part of a series or not ^^;;

Is this book also available in print?

thank you a lot for the giveaway ( international i hope)


Danica Avet said...

Morning, ladies! Primal Song is the first in my Cajun Heat series. The second book is in the first stages of editing and I'm working on the third. Lots of smexy shifters from south Louisiana headed your way :)

Right now, Primal Song is out only in digital form. It'll go to print later (no exact date yet).

Thanks for commenting and good luck in the giveaway :)

LorettaLynn//Temprance said...

This sounds really good :)
Thank you for sharing.
I havent read any of your work, but it's now going to my to read list


Anonymous said...

Looks good! Where do you get your ideas from? Did the whole story come to you at once or in bits and pieces as you wrote it? And thank you for the giveaway!

Danica Avet said...

Good luck in the giveaway, you two!

As for my ideas, I've been wanting to write a rock star book for a year or two. I had a little down time between books and decided to give it a go. Primal Song sort of crept up on me :) Once I figured out who Daisy was, I put them in a situation and let them fight their way out of it. God, I love being a writer sometimes ;)

Lisa Cox said...

What made you decide to put a lion shifter and a bear shifter together? It's quite different. Most authors tend to stick to the same species or very close to it so that there is no questions in anyone's mind about children later.

Loved the excerpt! Can't wait to read this!

Gale Nelson said...

how much research do you do before writing a book?

Danica Avet said...

Lisa, that's actually a tough question. I don't know that I consciously decided to put a bear and a lion together, but the more I think about it, the more I think I wanted to see how two very different apex predators would rub along together. In this world, children of mixed species couples would take after the parent with the most dominant gene. I haven't figured out what kind of cubs Daisy and Ram will turn out yet, but it's food for though ;)

Gale, it really depends. Most of the time I start writing with a wing and a prayer. When I come across something I don't know, that's when I start researching. Sometimes though, if it's something completely out of my realm of understanding, I'll search for experts in the field before hand.I hate doing that to start a book though because then it sort of takes the fun away from it for me. Kind of like plotting :) I don't do that. Oh no ;)

mcv said...

Sounds like a fun book. When can we expect the next in the series?
mcv111 at hotmail dot com

Sandy said...

Congratulations! Primal Song sounds like a fantastic read!


Danica Avet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danica Avet said...

Thanks, y'all!

MCV, book 2 is still in the early stages of editing. I don't think my editor has even had a chance to get to it yet. I believe it'll probably be out sometime around October or November. Check my website for updates :)

Jillian said...

Great play list! Can't wait to read this one.

Danica Avet said...

Everyone, please give Jillian some love. She helped me out tremendously for this book and played a big part in helping me get in front of the right editor. AND she has an awesome book coming out with Ellora's Cave herself!

BLHmistress said...

I love your setlist, I love AC/DC (I am a big 80s metal fan.

If you could write with anyone who would it be?

Amber said...

How do you find time to write?

Danica Avet said...

BL, If I would have had more room on the list (like a top 100) Judas Priest and Iron Maiden would have made it on the list. As for who I would write with if I could...I'd have to pick Shelly Laurenston. She's one of my heroes and I think between the two of us we'd probably have our readers rolling on the floor laughing, or fanning themselves to cool off ;)

Amber, that was one of the hardest parts of learning to write. I do my writing mostly during the week after work. Once in a while I'll write on the weekends, but I find if I keep it on the same sort of schedule as a job, I'm more disciplined. It's hard to do, but well worth it when I get a book in readers' hands. :)

Joanne said...

Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. Did you have any input on the cover?

Danica Avet said...

Thanks, Joanne :)

We fill out cover art questonnaires. They ask us to be specific, but not too specific. I mentioned the overall theme of the book was a struggle between the characters and their animals. I think they did a fantastic job. they fit the shifter aspect, the rock star part, as well as the sexiness of the book. Okay, can you tell I looove my cover? :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds smoking hot... Thanks for the chance to win.


Unknown said...

Love the soundtrack for your book. If you could cast this book for a movie, who would your use?

heather said...

Hi Danica. I just finished reading Ruby and I loved it. Your characters are so unique. I've noticed alot of paranormal writers don't cross breed their creatures (shapeshifters, vampires, succubus, demons, etc.). Is there a special reason why you like to?

jannasierens said...

This look really good I will be adding it to my tbr list for sure!

ParanormalRomanceFan said...

Hello Danica,

Thank you Nikki for hosting Danica Avet on your Great Blog today & also Thank You to Danica for taking the time out of your busy day to spend time with Nikki's Fan Club :)

Congratulations on your new release, "Primal Song", it sounds like an Excellent Reads & I just Love your Eye-Catching Cover Art.

If you have a chance to answer my question it would be, Is there a Genre that you have wanted to explore your Creative Mind in writing, but have not done so yet?

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to be considered in your very generous giveaway.

Take Care & Stay Naughty,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)
paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

Danica Avet said...

Wow, y'all have made me feel so welcome today. Let's see if I can get to the questions :)

Mel - I've actually had to write up a guest blog about who I'd cast for this book. Let's just say that, like any good erotic writer, I went to see Magic Mike ;) That should give you a hint without ruining my guest blog LOL

Heather - I'm so glad you enjoyed Ruby's story! I like different. I'm not saying I'll never hook two characters of the same species together, but for me the real joy is taking two people who shouldn't be together, putting them in tight spots and then making them fall in love. I've always been a fan of the line "opposites attract" and I use it with joy.

Renee'- I think I'll always write romance. I've been a fan for half of my life, but if I had to choose something outside of romance, it would probably be sci-fi or fantasy. It's the paranormal element of writing I love. When I can combine that with my adoration of romance, I'm happy as a clam :)

S.A. said...

I wanted to find out more about you, Danica, before I posted a question. :) I went to your website and also read your bio here and on Goodreads. So here are my questions:

1) With a degree in history, do you write historical paranormal material, or do you stay away from it?

2) Besides spending time with your dog and two cats, what do you like to do for fun (other than read and listen to awesome music)?

Congratulations on the release of the book. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'm the winner. :)

Danica Avet said...

S.A. Oh my, oh my. I love History (obviously). But I'll probably never write a historical paranormal. There's just so much to consider when you're writing about true history. Language, fashion, class systems, places that no longer exist, etc. that it blows my mind to even think about writing one. Futuristic? Sure. I can handle that because no one knows what it's like yet. LOL I'm a wimp, I know ;)

As for what I do other than read, listen to music and hang out with my, I like to fish. Weird, huh? But I live in a sportsman's paradise and there's just something theraputic about being near the water and pitting my wits against those sly fish :) Other than that, I've been known to go target shooting and just hang out with my family.

Good luck in the giveaway!

Ronda Tutt said...

Congrats Danica on your new release, I am a huge fan and can not wait to read this one.

If you could be any characters in your book which one would it be?

Sending you hugs!

Ronda Tutt

Susan W. said...

First off, great excerpt!

I loved the music list. Most of them are on my ipod which goes everywhere with me. I was wondering if you do a music list for every book you write?

I'm looking forward to reading Primal Song. It's going on my To Buy list ASAP!


Carin said...

Danica, first I have to tell you I am a huge history geek myself, second did you only listen to metal bands in the 80's or did some of the "new wave" make you tape deck?

books4me said...

Danica...where do you get your ideas from?

Danica Avet said...

Ronda, thanks, hon! I hope you enjoy it :) As for which character I'd be...I think I'd pick Daisy. What can I say? I love cats and rock 'n' roll ;)

Susan, thanks! Actually I don't make a music list. I tend to stick my MP3 player on shuffle and let it go. Sometimes I'll play my heavy metal/hard rock songs only, sometimes I'll let a wide mix play. Just depends on what kind of vibe I'm going for while I'm writing.

Carin, I listened to everything growing up and I mean everything. I had an unhealthy obsession with Duran Duran and Adam Ant. Still do. I was an MTV generation kid all the way, LOL

Books4me, they sort of come to me. Sometimes it starts off as a little snippet of conversation I think of, sometimes it's a situation. From there, I have to decide which characters belong with which situation and try to make it work. It isn't the most scientific method for writing, but it works for me :)

Deb PelletierC said...

Have you ever gone to see any of these bands live. Hope so.

Carin said...

Danica I am now a fan forever I adore Duran Duran and Adam Ant! :O)

Danica Avet said...

Actually I haven't had a chance to catch A7X or All That Remains live but I've been to a few other shows that just about blew me away. These bands are on my list of must-see shows though!

Thanks for commenting and good luck in the giveaway :)

Danica Avet said...

LOL Carin, Stand and Deliver and Ant Music...Rio and Hungry Like a many great songs from the 80s :)

Bex n Books said...

Love the music mix. Very eclectic!
My question is:
What’s the nicest thing that a reviewer has said about one of your books?

Rachel said...

Hi Danica! Who is the first person you tell when you finish a book?

Danica Avet said...

Thanks, Becky. I think it was a reviewer who got what I was trying to say in one of my darker books. She understood my point was that although things can seem horrible, you can still find happiness. Sappho of me, but I am a romance writer, lol

Rachel, it's usually someone in my family. My sister, my mom, or my brother

wyndwhisper said...

Hi Danica,
thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway and Congratulations on the new release. i love the cover and the book sounds wonderful.

Did you design the cover yourself/ have a lot input in how it would look?

tammy ramey

Dustykatt said...

What music do you like to listen to when you write?

SdyLion said...

The new release looks amazing. I think it looks to be a winner. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

Danica Avet said...

Tammy, I filled out a questionnaire to tell them what kind of gibe I wanted, the themes and they took care of the rest. I love it.

Dusty, mostly hard frock, but sometimes classic rock, old school rap, 80s alternative and Eben a little disco lil.

Thanks, Syd!

Vanessa N. said...

Wow! Hot excerpt. I love shifter stories so I can't wait to read it. Do you have a set number of books for this series and do you have other shifter stories?

Judi said...

Whew! It got warm in here all of a sudden!! ;-) That excerpt was smokin. I am definitely adding Primal Song to my wishlist.


Danica Avet said...

Vanessa, I have more books planned, but as of right now no set number. I have some shutters featured in my Veil series, but the Veil has lots of other paranormal beings.

Judith, lol thanks. That Ram has some tricks up his sleeve for sure ;)

Amber Daulton said...

Thanks for the interview and contest.
How many books have you written and was it difficult to get published?

Danica Avet said...

Amber, thanks for commenting! I have eight books out including Primal Song. It was a bumpy road with disappointments, but I refused to give up. And here I am :)

wanda f said...

Do you have any rituals you use to get in the mood to write ?

Danica Avet said...

Hi Ad, I have eight books out now, including Primal Song. My road to publication was rocky with a few disappointments and I've had to readjust my goals, but it's been worth it.

Wands, not really. All I need is music and a big glass of water and I'm usually ready to go :)

Filia Oktarina said...

This sounds really good :)
I looking forward to read this book.
I want know what first genre you read, are historical, paranormal or any genre.

Danica Avet said...

Thanks. My very first romance was a Harlequin presents lol now though, I always go for the paranormal romance first

Linda said...

Love this, and looking forward to reading it! =) Love the excerpt, is Cajun Heat a series you´ll continue with? *keeping my fingers crossed*

best wishes & Happy Monday!

Danica Avet said...

Hi Linda, yes. The second book is already with my editor and I'm working on book 3 :)

nurmawati djuhawan said...

hi danica...congratulation for ur new book :)
u have dog and cats..are they always disturb u...wanna play with u when u was in the middle of writing a book ?
i have many cats...they always wanna to play so sometimes i can't read my books *lol*
but they are so cute right ? can't get angry with them...^^

Danica Avet said...

Yes they do! My dog whines and one of my cats climbs on the desk to get ky attention lol

Anonymous said...

Danika,Congrats on your release. Everything about Primal Song's is fantastic. Wonderful excerpt! I love paranormal romance, so this is definitely going on my tbr list. Thanks for sharing all the things about yourself, I enjoyed reading them.

Danica Avet said...

Thanks, Tina. Good luck in the giveaway!

Tina B said...

Great selection of music!! I love rock! That excerpt had me laughing and wanting to take a cold shower at the same time. ;)
Congrats on the new release, Danica!!
My question is, if Ram is a lion shifter, does he have a pride? If so, how do you think Daisy will fit in with being a bear and all?
My favorite genre is PNR! I am adding this one to my TBR list! Thank you for the chance to read it. :)

Karielle Stephanie said...

What's the greatest thing you learned in school?

Danica Avet said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to y'all!

Tina - If I tell you about the pride stuff, I'll be giving away a huge part of the plot ;) Let's just say the lion pride is a big matter of conflict between Ram and Daisy :)

Karielle - Wow that's a great question! I think I'd have to say I learned how to think for myself. My teachers, both in high school and college, were big on making their students form their own opinions. It wasn't just a matter of reciting information they threw at us, but interpreting it and making a valid argument.

angie lilly said...

What made you want to write about shifters other than wolves?

Danica Avet said...

Hi, Angie! I'm just fascinated by the apex predators, especially cats. Bears are interesting too because of their size. But really, I just love animals and the quirks they have make for interesting traits when they're human ;)

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