Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sweet, Sexy, and Scorching with Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie Thomas is the beautiful, raven-haired heroine of MAROONED IN MIAMI and LUSTED IN LAS VEGAS. Stef is a newly divorced pharmaceutical rep from Boston. The sound of her stilettos on the Miami hotel’s marble floor caught Jason’s attention.
Jason’s first impression of Stephanie in MAROONED IN MIAMI:
Walking toward this mysterious woman, his eyes continued to travel up to glossy thick dark hair that flowed down her back as she animatedly talked on the phone. She was sexy from behind and he wasnt disappointed when approached her at the elevator. She was taller than he expected, probably just about six foot in those heels, Her linen suit showed off her curvy body, she was preoccupied with her conversation, so he used the opportunity and admired the way her silk blouse tugged around her full breasts as she moved.
Jason’s POV during their first night together in LUSTED IN LAS VEGAS:
His eyes darted toward her voice. He sucked in his breath as his gaze skimmed up and down her body. Her long dark hair fanned across her shoulders in sharp contrast with the short white translucent baby doll negligee. Handing her a fluted glass of champagne, he hungrily surveyed her white g-string peeking through the lace. His gaze moved to her taut belly and finally up to her full breasts. There was a neat little satin bow tied in the sweet valley. Jason desperately wanted to pull the ribbon. He reached up to grab the end when Stephanie wrapped a thumb and index finger around his wrist.
What readers say about Stephanie:
Stephanie Thomas is a top notch pharmaceutical rep/agent. She has the height, gorgeous legs, she's sexy and classy; she's got not just the looks, but something else to her. Contrary to Jason, she's not rich. She works hard for her money and she's darn good at it.”
Stephanie Thomas is in Miami on business, hoping to relax a little and escape from the stress of her recent divorce. A raging storm is the catalyst for a close encounter with a handsome stranger who makes her libido flare to life. Not the type for one-night stands, she puts a halt to his advances by saying that she's married, hence the ring on her finger. Undeterred, her stranger presses on with the intent on getting to know more about her. As they spend time talking, her insecurities give way to desire, and she allows herself to fall in lust with this man for one night.”
“I really liked Stephanie because she was very sweet, nice and had a vulnerable side to herself but at the same time would not allow someone else to push her around. Perhaps the key point about her is that she allowed herself to love herself again.”


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