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Sweet Sexy Scorching Blog Hop!

The crew have spent ten years building their construction business along with their friendships… and more.  When they begin to find the woman of their dreams one-by-one they’re more than willing to make her fantasies come true before settling down.
Nothing’s sexier than a man, or five, with power tools.
Sultry summer heat has nothing on the five-man crew renovating the house next door. No one could blame Kate for leaning out the window for a better view of the manscape. The nasty fall that follows isn’t part of her fantasy—but the man who saves her from splattering the sidewalk is definitely the star.
When Mike personally attends to her injuries, she realizes her white knight in a hard hat has a tender side, giving her no choice but to surrender to the lust that’s been arcing between them since day one. In the aftermath of the best sex of her life, she whispers her most secret desire: to be ravaged by his crew.
She never expected Mike would dare her to take what she wants—or that the freedom to make her most decadent desires come true could be the foundation for something lasting…
Product Warnings
This book may cause you to spontaneously combust as five hot guys bring a woman’s wildest fantasies to life during one blazing summer affair

Morgan’s Surprise
For a tasty birthday treat, add four men and stir.
Powertools, Book 2
Note to self: When confessing a crush on an ultra-hot construction worker to your best friend, make sure he’s not standing right behind you.
If Morgan thought spilling the beans on her lust for Joe would scare him off, she couldn’t have been more wrong. Following her birthday wish gone awry, the hunk is treating her to one surprise after another. From little things that make her smile to lavish, romantic dates, Joe is turning out to be the stuff of dreams
Joe’s attentions to the sexy pastry shop owner begin as lighthearted fun. Until he finds out about the past that, until now, has made her keep him at arm’s length. Determined to show her seeking pleasure is no crime, he sets out to fulfill her steamiest fantasies—with a little help from three of his best friends.
After a four-course birthday adventure, which presents Morgan as the sweetest imaginable dessert, she expects Joe to walk away. But now that Joe’s brought Morgan out of her shell, he’s hungry for something he never expected to crave—a forever kind of love.
Product Warnings
This book features a m/m/m/m/f ménage. Enough said.

Kayla’s Gift

One blizzard, two days, three men to keep her warm.

Powertools, Book 3

Naked is Kayla’s style. She’s exposed to bare skin more than the average person—like when she’s up to her elbows in massage oil, soothing the tired muscles of the construction crew building her new spa, a barter to offset some of the cost. Once it’s finished, she plans to open a private retreat for fellow naturists.

It should be a routine service. Yet for some reason, caressing the man on her table is blurring her normally crystal-clear distinction between nudity and sexuality. And stirring up kinky fantasies involving the rest of the crew.

She never intended to share details about her lifestyle-slash-business plan, not even with the open-minded, sexy crew. But when a faulty truck engine and one hell of a snowstorm trap the three men at her cabin, heat sears away her cover story—and her inhibitions.

Cocooned in blissful isolation, Dave, Neil and James show her that passion knows no barrier, with or without clothing. Leaving Kayla wondering if two days of mutual satisfaction will ever be enough… 
Product Warnings
This book features a m/m/m/f ménage hot enough to melt an entire blizzard’s worth of snow and ice.

Jayne is giving away one $5.00 gift card to Samhain Publishing.
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kaisquared said...

A girl can never have too many power tools!

emmasmom AT wi DOT rr DOT com

Anya Millar said...

"Product Warnings

This book features a m/m/m/m/f ménage. Enough said."

Best. Warning. Ever! Great post, Nikki.
Sexy men with tools and wild minds... where do I get one???

Unknown said...

The covers alone did me in. I am adding these to my TBR list.

kesummer69 at gmail dot com

Joanne said...

Thanks for the blurbs. These books sounds amazing. Can't wait to read them.


Unknown said...

Just got Kate's Crew! Hoping to start this week.
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Vanessa N. said...

Definitely adding this series to my quality.


Shadow said...

Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaways! This is so much fun! Thank you!

Cathy M said...

Jayne's menage stories are always such a treat to read.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

The Powertools series looks divine!


andieleah said...

Love this series...so hot!!!

bas1chs said...

WOW I just need to stop putting things off and get to my TBR list so I can hurry on to these. WOW again.
bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

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