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Giveaway and Guest Post with Imogene Nix and her Warriors of the Elector series

Good Morning!  Today we are going on a fantastic adventure into the realm of Sci-Fi Romance.  Imogene Nix joins us today with her take on the addictiveness of this particular branch-off.  After reading two of her Warriors of the Elector series, I am inclined to agree with her!!  LOL!!  Take it away Imogene!!

Starships.  Time Gates.  Alpha Heroes.  Strong willed Heroines. Science Fiction Romance.

Science Fiction Romance is the unsung hero of the romance world.  While Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Historical and even Paranormal/Urban Fantasy have been bulleting out the starting gate with the help of mainstream media, Science Fiction Romance has been bubbling away under the surface, becoming a strong dynamic in the world of romance.  If a trifle misunderstood.  The following is growing.  Daily.

For myself, my study of Science Fiction began early.  As a teenager and young adult, I skulked in the library seeking good strong characters with an usual bent.  Characters who broke molds, conceived worlds that didn’t exist (yet) for humanity to explore.  That was in the days of Anne McCaffrey and Piers Anthony and believe me, the pickings were slim.  Sure, Science Fiction didn’t fill the shelves but what was there was always magic.  So each new find was like treasure hidden in the depths of the Amazon.  You had to be committed to find it, let alone read/devour it. (The shelves are still bare, but filling slowly.)   

As any younger romance reader, I too, moved away as the lack of choice finally started to wear me down.  (I mean some books are a case of “Just how many times can you read them?”  and then some are “I need to read this again.”)

I too embraced crinolines and long flowing hair, ribands and men with their hair tied back in a que.  Pompadours and the regency world of cotillions.  But it grew old for me, as each book seemed somehow similar – probably because that time had been written, together with the thousands of books released in these genres each year.  I hunted and came across contemporary, which left me cold (and not just the quintessential Mills and Boon) before falling into paranormal.  Vampires stirred my blood, but the need for something else still called to me.  It wasn’t enough.

For a time, Romantic Suspense filled the void but then I made a discovery.  One which brought me full circle.  Back to my first love.  Linnea Sinclair.  Games of Command thrilled me.  Strong heroine.  The cyborg Admiral she falls in love with.   Brandon Kel-Paten and Tasha Sebastian fed my slowly starving reading soul and I knew that finally I had found my way back.  The settings were lush and rich.  I followed it with more of her books, and kept hunting for new authors in this setting.

Don’t get me wrong.  Along the way I did take a few side steps.  British Naval History also intrigued me, so I also devoured the works of Alexander Kent.  I love the sweeping drama, the blood and guts doesn’t hurt either.  Does that make me weird?  Well, if it does, at least I found a great way to channel it!

But,  back to the blog topic.  Science Fiction Romance is a growing niche.  Not to be confused with Fantasy, which also is gathering a very strong following.  Science Fiction is about things like Space Ships, Time Travel, Cyborgs.  Not fairies, nymphs etc.,  A friend was telling me the other day about a friend of hers who said she loved SciFi – the little woodland creatures etc.,  Of course my friend told this friend that was FANTASY not Science Fiction.  So don’t be confused.  They are totally separate entities. (Yes, the waters have become very murky here, but telling the difference between the two is vitally important so you can find “The Right Book.”

The biggest problem with Science Fiction Romance (and for that matter, Science Fiction) is that it is so misunderstood.  We want a great story, with strong characters.  We also want action.   A fair dose of lust doesn’t go astray either.  In the media, there is still a preoccupation with the “Shoot the up” mentality.  However, Science Fiction is a thinking genre.  A great science fiction story will suck you into a universe you hardly know, with characters you can empathize with or hate.  Sure, many of the situations are ones you will never find yourself in, but isn’t that half of the draw card? It has a fair dose of science in it, whether real or imagined and  It breaks new ground, pushing boundaries for the reader, something every author wants to achieve.   So the next time you want a new book to read, why not give Science Fiction a go?  You may just find you love it. 

Warning:  Science Fiction Romance can be addictive.  Just look at me!

Suggestions for great authors of Science Fiction:  Linnea Sinclair, Pauline Baird-Jones, Imogene Nix, Greta van der Rol…that should at least get you started. 

Great series:  Firefly, Star Trek (pretty much any of them), Farscape, Battlestar Galactica…


A mother of two, compulsive reader and bookstore owner. She lives in regional Queensland, Australia with her husband, 2 daughters, dog, cats, guinea pigs and chooks. She has a particular fondness for Vampires, Star Ship captains and things that go
bump in the night.

How did you make the leap from reader to writer?

Being a compulsive reader, ideas and stories were usually rattling around in my head. As a young girl, crinolines populated my books, much to the chagrin of my mother!

As a teen, reading moved into more science fiction genres, with Piers Anthony and Anne McCaffrey making regular appearances, as well as the Bolitho books by Alexander Kent. Not exactly the norm for a girl, but they intrigued me as I devoured the strategy involved. Only in latter years did Paranormal romance and the odd Urban Fantasy make an entry into my reading fare.

In the last few years, it has been the JD Robb, Julia Spencer-Fleming and Linnea Sinclair influences, together with the likes of Cynthia Eden, Lara Adrian and so many more. Each has played their own part in shaping me as a reader, and as a result, a writer as well.

What do you do when not writing?

I run a small independent bookstore, which I own and that allows me to feed my addiction, but I also have a Bachelors Degree in Teaching with a specialization in Early Childhood.

I have worked as a teacher, a kindergarten director and even an assistant in Child Care over the years. Since I resigned from teaching I have used my skills for goodness and light, written web pages, taught basic computing and online skills and happily runs my little bookstore.

I love to cook, make wine and grow chickens and guinea pigs. I am trying to slowly refurbish an old railway house , which my husband and I bought and have a singular weakness for chocolate and fine white wine...well, doesn't everyone?

LOL...Chocolate is definitely a weakness of mine.  Let's take a look at Imogene's books:

One man, one woman, one psychotic alien. Now the race is on to save humanity. Past. Present. Future.

Mellissa Davis is your average bookstore owner and aspiring romance author until one day an electronic book pad slides through the mail slot of her little bookstore. Now all she has to worry about is a sexy time travelling stealthship captain, staying out of the way of the bad guy and saving the universe, past and present. Not much to ask…

Duvall McCord, an up and coming stealthship captain travels to the past to stop the Ru’Edan leader, Crick Sur Banden, destroying the Earth Empire of the future. His mission? Retrieve the handbook for the Elector. He doesn’t count on love, or saving the woman of his dreams. But time is running out. This warrior must do everything he can to stop the plot…  My Review is here:

Starfire is the second book in the Warriors of the Elector Trilogy. The story of Jemma Cardnew and Raven Fraser. It is now contracted to Secret Cravings Publishing and due for EBook release in June 2012.
Jemma Cardnew is hardnosed and bitter. Even worse, she is brittle. No way does she want anything to do with the Elector and it’s crew…including the gorgeous Raven, who intrigues her.

Raven Fraser, engineer also has his problems. First, the Matrix is damaged leaving the Elector dangerously unprotected. The woman of his dreams is avoiding him and any possibility of a future together. Topping it all off Crick Sur Banden continues to be a thorn in the side of the Empire.

Jemma has orders to protect the Elector and those it carries, Raven has his as well, get the systems back online. Can passion and possibly forever bloom on the eve of the greatest war that humanity will ever face against a foe with no fear?   My Review is here:

Sound good?  It absolutely does!!!  Just fill out the rafflecopter for your chance to win a copy!!!
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Lisa Cox said...

I like the romance to seem real. None of this make eye contact and now I'm madly in love. I do realize pheromones and brain chemistry have a lot to do with it, but still. That's not love, it's lust, until you get to know the real person and truly like them.
I know, I'm not normal. LOL. Most people like the fantasy of it.

Kassandra said...

I usually go for a romance if both of the main characters are flawed in some way but they help each other overcome or come to terms with the flaw. I need my couple to not only want each other but need each other. Passion is a must!! It's not always about hot sex (although lovely to read when written well!) but more so the connection between the couple for me. Oh, and alpha males drive me crazy ;)

Emily said...

I enjoy strong females as well, the ones who won't bow down and would scoff should anyone call them "damsels in distress". The ones who kick butt but also have a soft and cuddly side. And I love seeing that type of gal go up against an alpha male lover. Makes everything so much more fun and interesting!


Linda said...

I like strong & intelligent heroines as well but mostly I look for a sense of connection between the hero/heroine that makes the romance something that I want to read about.

Shadow said...

I love a strong fierce heroine and an alpha hero. Strong characters who make the story hard to put down. :)

andieleah said...

I love me some alpha males in my romance reads...someone strong enough to handle a strong heroine

Filia Oktarina said...

I like strong and intelligent heroines and have bravery to face difficult in sroties :)

Anonymous said...

Honestly I like the variety in my romances. I enjoy strong female and male characters. I don't like the weak or wishy-washy characters.

pefrw at yahoo dot com

Melissa I. said...

Geez! I think I'm the only one I've seen who Loves the Love at first meeting thing, lol. It's happened to me so its sooooo sickenly, torturous, frustratingly, mind blowing (no pun intended) hot and steamy sweet heaven.

Now of course coming out of a 15 year marriage (not the Love at first sight one) imagine having no.....*screeches to a halt* what 'can' I appropriately post here? LOL, I'll be good and go with having nothing for 15 years......*dying* I'd have to say equally dominant, fierce, fiery and equally passionate, tender, soft all tangled up in a big ball of sheets. But let's get straight to the action cuz 15 years? HAH Waited long enough! ;) Yep....that about sums it up!

Anonymous said...

I like a strong female lead and a brooding male as the best center of the story.

Barbara said...

I like a strong, dominant alpha hero and a quirky, smart, strong heroine...who feel a strong emotional connection for each other as well as a 'set the sheets on fire' physical connection.

barbbattaglia @

Evan said...

SiFi is my preferred genre ever since I saw 2001, A Space Odyssey in the theater (I was pretty young =). I'm a physiological thriller kind of guy.

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