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Review: The Demon Bride By: Dianna Hardy

Two thousand and eleven years after the birth of the Failed One, the Witching Pen will be made manifest on Earth by the Great Shanka Witch of the Old Scrolls. By her hand, the Earth will rumble and shatter, and all dimensions will bleed into one.The true purpose of the Witching Pen has been revealed, and it must be destroyed before an apocalyptic prophecy comes true. There's just one problem -- the Pen is indestructible.

As everyone searches for much needed answers, Elena lays down plans for a radical mission to save her mother from the Shanka's shadow world.

Meanwhile, Mary has finally discovered who she really is, and what that means for the human race.

What Mary doesn't know, is that Gwain has been searching for her for over ten thousand years, and had lost all hope of finding her. Now that he has her, he's faced with an impossible choice: does he save the woman who altered his very existence, or does he sacrifice her to save mankind?

My Review:

I can't recommend this series enough.  From the very first book, to this most recent addition, it has been a truly exquisite dip into the darkness.  Especially in this book.  This is truly my FAVORITE so far.  It has a little bit of everything in it and I mean everything!!  This series is a must read for paranormal romance lovers!!

This book is on Mary.  Mary has been the character walking around the other two books with a question mark floating above her head.  All of the other supernatural beings sense her and know shes SOMETHING, but have absolutely no clue as to what.  Considering there are angels, demons, witches, shifters, halflings, and a variety of monsters, that is saying a lot.I have been anxiously awaiting this book because the last book left off with a huge cliff hanger.  So I have been literally hanging on since then, dying to know what Mary is and how she fits into this amazing creation the author has entitled The Witching Pen Novellas.

As I began reading this book, I was as swept away( as with the other two )and I was absolutely shocked as to what Mary turned out to be.  I don't do spoilers in my review, so I can't tell you exactly what she is or how she ties into this story, but I will say that I was extremely delighted with this read.  It was not only the best so far, but well worth the wait.  The creativity and story telling ability of this author has completely captivated me.  Just with this series, she has earned fan and I promise you, that you will see her again on this site!!  Hats off to you Dianna for this exquisite addition to a wonderful series!!!


Jaye Shields said...

Wow what a great review!

Jaye Shields said...

Wow what a great review!

Dianna Hardy said...

Thank YOU, Nikki, for a fabulous site, and for taking the time to review this series :) Have a wonderful week! xxx

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