Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Morgan Hall By: Bo Briar

Lady Christie Morgan is not the only occupant in this desolate English estate. A young apparition appears, sparking a chain of horrifying occurrences involving Christie and the two men closest to her: Anthony Longfield-Lothian and Tristan Ely. A saga of mystery and sordid family history weaves intrigue for the passionate love triangle. Past and present war as the secrets of three aristocratic families come to light.

My Review:

Christie grew up with and around Anthony and had always been a little bit in love with hi,.  But Anthony was faithless and hopped from bed to bed, never letting Christie know he was also in love with her.  So around this game goes, each unwilling to make the move to change their relationship.  Until Anthony decides to bring Tristan over to Christie's estate around the holidays so he could introduce the two of them.  Even though Christie had captured his heart, Tristan was his best friend and he wanted the two of them to meet.  Strange things started happening to Christie before their arrival.  A little boy would appeared to her and gave her a ring.  When she went searching for him, the little boy seemed to have vanished.  Little did Christie know that she was about to start dealing with ghosts on a regular basis.  When her guests arrive, Christie welcomes the distraction from all of the strange things going on.  But instead of getting better, their presence makes things worse.  She begins to be haunted by strange dreams, children's voices, and an old priest.  It seems the three of them are caught up in a nightmare that happened  a long time ago with their ancestors, and Tristan will stop at nothing to finish the game this time.

This book was very good, and had quite a creepy undertone.  It was a very well-written suspense, and you were left guessing as to what was really going on.  The saying ghosts of the past will haunt you is quite literal in this book.  As Christie begins to unravel what it is going on, she starts to lose control over the situation.  The truth frees her and opens her eyes, but also endangers those closest to her.I quite enjoyed the read.  It definitely was different!!

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