Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: A Wicked Choice By Calinda B

When C decides she wants to have an earthly experience, there's no telling what the consequences will be for the rest of the Galaxy Dancers, especially her beloved consort, K.

This 4150-word short story is for new readers who want to see what the Wicked Series is all about, as well as for the fans of the Wicked Series who have wondered how the Galaxy Dancers came to Earth in the first place. Just blame it on a woman's curiosity and desire for new experiences!

This ebook contains a 13 chapter excerpt from the first book in the series, A Wicked Awakening (which retails for $2.99). Great value in a small package!


Titles in the Wicked Series:
A Wicked Choice - Short Story and Bonus Excerpt
Book I: A Wicked Awakening
Book II: A Wicked Beginning
Book III: Wicked Whispering

My Review:

This was quite a fascinating introduction to Calinda's world.  It begins with cosmic beings playing their version of baseball.  The beings are divided up into pairs that live, laugh, and love freely.  All except the leaders.  They must never be allowed to join or a great disaster will befall all.  But the female half has grown bored and longs for the feeling of completion, to join with someone.  She tells them all that she wishes to live out the life of a mortal.  As she starts to disappear, her male counterpart realizes what a mistake this will be.  She can create chaos and destruction if she chooses to love a mortal. 

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Calinda B said...

Thank you, Nikki! 4 spiders! I'm honored.

Calinda B

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