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Free Amazon Sizzles!!!


    (July 28 and 29)

I wanted to visit Close Encounters again and I missed my Nikki Babe!

Hey Leanore!!  Always a pleasure to have you on!!!

Today, I want to blog about my most favorite subject. SEXY MEN and what they can do for us.

Here is my first example and he is the star of most wet dreams… an insatiable sexy man.:

Damon from Beasts A different Life:

Damon pinned her with one hand against the wall and drew his face down to her neck. "Mmm…" he growled low. “I dream of your scent, and I can feel it when you're near. I can almost taste you on my lips and I can't deny it anymore."

Gasping, Alex stared into his eyes. Dipping two fingers inside of her, he eased them in and out. He lowered his mouth to her breast, took a nipple and flicked it with his tongue as he continued to slide his fingers in and out of her.

Alex felt a light flush run along her bare skin and she grew wet with this simultaneous, sensual assault. He lowered his body closer and took the other nipple into his mouth without halting his relentless stroking. A glorious heated sensation ran along her skin and her breathing accelerated.

"I will melt you," he threatened against her lips.

Next up is a powerful brave

Devon from Nowhere Arizona:

“Like I want to use my mouth and devour your delicious-looking skin from head to toe?” An inviting vibration filled his voice, and Madeline experienced a lustful spasm. His searing-hot mouth descended on her neck, like a fiery brand on her skin. Her body pulsed. “I want to taste you. What do you taste like? I will bet your juices are both sweet and salty.” Devon's lips caressed the words along her skin, “I would like to take those rosy nipples into my mouth and suck on them until you scream for me.”

She shuddered. “Oh, God.”

Devon leaned in a little closer. “Explore every part of you. Have you wet and wide open.”

She gulped and squeezed her arms even tighter in a struggle to hold herself together.

Victor from Beasts King Of Vengeance:

At the startling proactive image, she gasped and could see his fingers plunging into her.

He smiled wickedly at her as she squirmed while pumping his wet fingers in and out of her open pussy.

"Unh, uh," she panted breathlessly. “Please, you’re going to make me…" She could feel how wet she'd become, as his fingers slid in and out of her.

He plunged them faster and pulled her higher. "Make you what?"

Her throat closed up and she couldn’t answer.

“Say it, Rose.” His fingers rested inside of her as he passed his warm palm over a tingling nipple.

Valentine’s body jerked as the glorious finger propulsion halted and she shook her head while she gazed at his reflection in the mirror.

“Tell me,” he purred to her ear.

A living need for anything and everything he might wish do to her became like a tender aching inside of her. “Make me…” She licked her lips as she stared at his hand resting on her clit in the mirror. “Make me come.” 

Victor lifted her higher and tilted her hips back. “I’m going to watch you come.” He shoved his hard cock into her, the seductive threat rumbling through her.

"Ahh…" She actually could see him go up and deep into her pulsing slick pussy. “Oh, no." She shuddered violently.

MORE SEXY WARRIOR In Gateway to the Sun:

The brave stared down at her thong-like underwear and grasped the material of her lacey panties in his fingers. “Maybe they have a purpose.”

Madeline flinched as his fingers grazed her tender skin there.

With a see-sawing motion, he tugged the thong back and forth over her labia.

“Ohh...”she let out a throaty response before she could think to suppress it.

He smiled wickedly while he moved the panties more briskly across her skin.

The friction built up and she could feel the wet lace rub her clit causing it to swell. Oh God, I cannot bare this! Her body began to tighten and her frantic breathing grew in her chest.

Unexpectedly, he stopped the wet-lace strapping of her clit. He ripped the panties away and drew them up in his fist. “Yes.” He lowered his other hand to her clit and explored her with his strong fingers. “Wet,” he stated flatly with a victorious expression on his face. He raised a glistening finger and grazed it across his tongue as he tasted her juices.

Madeline gulped at the sight of his sensual action. So raw and so sexy at the same time. Her weakness for the pure animal sex this being was capable of spoke to her inner wildness. She attempted to push it all away. She needed to foil his plan of dominance and she let out a loud harrumph of disgust.

He laughed. “You are hot-blooded woman and you also lie very badly.”

*  *   *   *   *   *

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Rissa said...

WHOA BABY!! Steamy blurbs & Those covers are HOTT!! Thanks for the freebies...great way to start my morning!

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books4me said...

Holy crap, batman! Those were steamy, not excerpts...where is my hubby???!!!


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Brenda said...

Loved them all!

Sheri Fredricks said...

I have liked, tagged, licked, stroked, your books! I love them!! No need to leave my addy to win. Naughty Leanore is THE BEST!

Ronda Tutt said...

LOL, Leanore I totally am thinking I should buy your books in paperback just so I can pick your hot books up and lick the covers - LMAO!

Hey everyone, if you haven't read Leanore Elliott's books than you need to go get them now and read them now, they are totally HOT!

Unknown said...

ohhh wow now those excerpts were just too hot!!! Loved them. Had to buy them right away :)

Sophia Rose said...

Woohoo! Thanks for the share! ;D

Ashley Applebee said...

Holy hotness Batman!! Yeppers gonna go get the first two in those series...gonna buy all of them eventually!! Thanks for sharing!!
Ashley A

Ashlynne Laynne said...

Oh my. Did somebody turn on the heat in here? Mercy woman, are you trying to melt down the net? *fans self* Leanore Elliott writes some of the sexiest and hottest stories around. These excerpts are just the tip of the iceberg. Great post!

mcv said...

Thanks for the freebies! Great way to start the series.
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Unknown said...

OMG, these are fabulous books! Loved them!

Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

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Thanks a bunch! Can't wait to read them!

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