Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review: The Hawk and the Cougar By: Tarah Scott

She’s sure he’s too young for her-he knows she’s exactly what he needs. A case of mistaken identity sends them on a run for their lives through the Arizona desert, where their need for each other is all they have.

Forty-four year old Liz Williams intends to put a stop to the affair between her daughter and her daughter’s archaeology professor.

But she’s unprepared for the six-foot-three, thirty-two year old Native American man who turns out to be Professor Anthony Hawkins-and the men who try to kill him.

My Review: 

This was a fun, hot, fast read!!  Liz over hears her daughter talking about one of the professors at school.  Liz becomes furious because she believes her daughter is having an affair with him.  Taking matters into her own hands, Liz decided to pay the professor a little visit to try and scare him off her daughter.  She attends one of his classes and is shocked at just how hot he actually is!!  She can definately understand the attraction!!  But as she tries to confront him with the issue, she is unknowingly drawn into a dangerous plot that surrounds Hawk and his work.  He isnt sleeping with her daughter but how long can she hold back before she sleeps with him??  This was a really yummy dip into Tarah Scott's imagination!  It was a great example of her smoking hot talent!!

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Tina B said...

Sounds like a great read! Thank you for the recommendation, Nikki. :)

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